This 1950s Video Guide Teaches You To Live Off The Land If You Have To

With luck, you’ll never find yourself alone, far from civilisation, faced with the task of ensuring your own survival. If you do, this 1950s training video from the US Navy has some valuable tips and tricks to help you find safe food and water, build shelter, and take care of yourself.

Survive The Apocalypse With These Common Kitchen Items

When the lights go out or there’s a natural disaster and you need to fend for yourself, preparation is key. Knowing how to make use common items you already have in your home makes the task easier. Channel your inner MacGyver and pick up a few tips from this infographic.

Make A Paracord Pouch For Your Survival Tin

Why make a pouch out of paracord for your survival tin? Well, it does give you a nice way to protect it and to clip it to your belt or bag. But the most important reason is that it when you unravel it you have a nice, healthy length of paracord to add to your survival supplies.

Break A Car Window With A Headrest In An Emergency

Hopefully, you’ll never be trapped in a car with the need to break the window from the inside. However, if you do find yourself in that situation, your salvation may be right behind your head. Here’s how to use your car seat’s headrest to break your car door window.

Open A Tin Can With Your Bare Hands

Hopefully, you’ll never be caught without a can opener when you need one. If you’re out camping, however, this video shows you how to open a can with no tools at all.

Build Your Own Survival USB Charger That Plugs Into Anything

You never know where you’ll be getting your power from in a survival situation. More often than not, it won’t be from a regular outlet, so Instructables user Noise Maker decided to make a universal charger that can pull power from just about any source.

8 Basic Life-Saving Skills Everyone Should Know

We’ve featured a lot of survival tips over the years that can help you get out of trouble, but what if you’re next to someone else who’s having a medical emergency? Don’t just stand there as the person chokes or faints! Know what to do in these life-or-death situations.

How To Use Your Smartphone To Prepare For Emergencies

When a natural disaster hits, power and mobile networks are often unavailable — but that doesn’t mean that you can’t set up your phone ahead of time to be useful. Here’s what you should load up on your smartphone to be ready when fire, flood or chaos strike.

Five Survival Skills Movies Taught You Wrongly

CPR will save someone’s life in a matter of seconds. Tilt your head back and look at the clouds to stop a nosebleed. If an animal spots you in the wilderness it will chase you relentlessly and maul you. Movies are great at telling stories, but they’re horrible at teaching basic survival skills. Here are five of the ways they’ve led us astray.

Wilderness Survival Uses For A Condom

If you carry a small survival kit, you should consider adding a condom or two. Many know that they can carry water, but they also work well to help start fires, keep items dry, and can be made into a slingshot.