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This Chart Reveals The Best Emergency Foods For Survival Kits

Stash away some food in case of emergency and you’ll be set for the next hurricane or other disaster. Not all foods are best for emergency survival, though. This greaphic compares canned, dehydrated, and freeze dried foods.

Make A Survival Bracelet To Save You In Any Worst-Case Scenario

You might already have a bug-out bag or emergency kit, but those aren’t any good to you if you’re not carrying them when an emergency happens. This DIY bracelet packs heaps of survival tools on your wrist so you’re prepared for just about any adventure.

Top 10 Backups Everyone Should Have (Not Just Computer Backups)

You’ve heard it a lot, but it bears repeating: you need to back up your computer, because your hard drive will fail one day. Beyond those file backups, though, are many other things we need to have a backup for — ranging from work and finances to personal needs.

Learn To Clean And Distill Dirty Water

Survival skills can save your life in an emergency. Prepare yourself for not having access to clean water by learning to distill dirty water.

Make A Water Filter Out Of A Tree Branch

In our pursuit of advanced technology, we forget that mother nature has already patented all the best ideas. With just a hose clamp, some plastic tubing and a piece of tree branch, you can create a simple water filter.

How To Properly Store And Apply A Tourniquet

Tourniquets save lives by using pressure to control serious bleeding. ITS Tactical talked with Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics to show you the best practices for using and storing commercially-made tourniquets.

Prepare Yourself With A Kindle Loaded With Emergency Information

It’s good to have a solid set of survival skills, but you can’t be expected to remember everything. The Art of Manliness put together a collection of books for your Kindle that will help you survive virtually any scenario.

How To Pack An Emergency Kit Like A Spy Plane Pilot

The SR-71 Blackbird is one of history’s most celebrated spy planes, and for good reason. When Blackbird pilots took off, they had to be ready to eject and land in harsh, desolate environments. Here’s some detail on what they packed in their emergency kits, and what you should include in yours.

This 1950s Video Guide Teaches You To Live Off The Land If You Have To

With luck, you’ll never find yourself alone, far from civilisation, faced with the task of ensuring your own survival. If you do, this 1950s training video from the US Navy has some valuable tips and tricks to help you find safe food and water, build shelter, and take care of yourself.

Survive The Apocalypse With These Common Kitchen Items

When the lights go out or there’s a natural disaster and you need to fend for yourself, preparation is key. Knowing how to make use common items you already have in your home makes the task easier. Channel your inner MacGyver and pick up a few tips from this infographic.

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