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What To Do If You Start Choking When You're Alone

If, like Liz Lemon, you’re afraid of choking when you’re home alone, knowing this procedure might give you some peace of mind — and maybe save your life.

Top 9 YouTube Channels To Inspire You To Get Outside

The weather is improving — slowly — and your urge to venture outside grows. Whether it’s a huge national park or just a green space closer to home, here are some channels that will inspire you to get out and explore.

Make A DIY Paracord Belt With Survival Pack Belt Buckle

I’m always a sucker for DIY survival gear and this paracord belt really fits the bill. It even includes a full survival kit turned into the belt’s buckle.

Make A Blade Out Of Discarded Cigarette Filters

You will likely never need to make a cutting edge out of discarded cigarette filters, but if there’s one thing you can find just about everywhere, it’s cigarette butts, and if you do ever need the know-how, this video will show you so you can survive — or just show off a fun MacGyver trick for friends.

Perfectly Tie On A Fishing Hook With The Modified Clinch Knot

A good fishing knot will be extra strong and keep the hook from having unnecessary movement in the water. The modified clinch knot does just that, and you can learn how to tie one in less than two minutes.

The Best Strategy For Surviving A Grenade Blast, Backed By Science

It’s unlikely you will ever have to worry about a grenade going off near you, but who knows — that post-apocalyptic scenario we all keep joking about could be right around the corner. This video explains how a grenade works and how you can lower your chances of being injured if one explodes nearby.

Use The Crescent Moon To Find Your Way At Night

If you’re lost in the bush at night, disoriented and without tools to help you figure out which way is which, the folks at Atlas Obscura have a simple suggestion: Look to the moon. If it’s a crescent moon, you’ll be able to figure out which way you’re facing pretty easily, and this short video explains how.

Learn How To Build Weight Bearing Structures With The Square Lashing Knot

Video: If you’ve ever wanted to build a structure or shelter with nothing but some branches and some rope, this video will show you how.

Four Of The Most Common Workshop Injuries And How To Handle Them

Nobody likes to think about workshop injuries, but it’s good to know how to handle them when they come about. Make Magazine put together a list of how to handle four of the most common injuries you’ll likely to see.

Five Tips That Might Save Your Life In A Knife Attack

Nobody wants to face a knife-wielding assailant, especially if you’re unarmed, but these five tips might help you defend yourself long enough to escape.

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