Hoyts Swims Into The Movie Stream

The movie-centric chain is set to launch its own streaming service in early 2013, with both pay-per-view and all you can eat options.

We’ve lagged behind in movie streaming options in Australia to date, with Quickflix being the most notable example. It’s a market that’s rapidly picking up steam, however, and today Hoyts has announced it’ll offer a streaming movie service “from 2013”. New releases will be available on a pay-per-view basis, but there’s the teasing prospect of an all-you-can-eat (or in this case,watch) subscription model, said to be coming in “later 2013”. As part of the initiative, Hoyts will also rebrand its Oovie DVD Kiosk business as Hoyts Kiosk.

Hoyts has some decent traction in terms of brand awareness, but movie streaming is tricky business; not only will it need to work hard to get onto the various devices that we all watch movies on, but it could also benefit from getting some ISPs on board to cover the inevitable quota issues.

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