Hoyts Selling Movie Tickets For Groups Via Facebook

Hoyts Selling Movie Tickets For Groups Via Facebook

Planning a cinema trip with a bunch of friends? Hoyts’ new Social Tix application lets you plan that visit with your friends on Facebook and then purchase tickets directly through the social networking site.

The new app makes it easier (in theory) to plan group events, letting you book tickets for groups while individuals pay for their own tickets. My main objection to the platform is that it indulges in highly antisocial behaviour: it doesn’t support HTTPS connections, you have to like the page to access it (via the Times and Tickets link under the What’s new section), and it then posts to your wall in a fairly indiscrimate fashion.

Would you use a dedicated Facebook app to plan cinema visits, or are existing communications tools enough? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.



  • It’d be nice if something like this could serve as a plugin to an event page… make a private event, invite your friends, decide on the movie, the time, etc and then everyone can pay for their tickets.

    While I approve of Hoyts’ idea, I think the implementation is poor (though they may well just be doing the best they can within Facebook’s limits).

  • This is a great idea – I have a lot of facebook friends whose emails and phone numbers I haven’t got – this enables me to organise really easily for large group events.

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