Briefly: Australians Eat 800,000 Zinger Pies, 'Party Girls' Cringe-Fest, Big Mac On A Plate?

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers including: McDonald’s trials burgers served on plates, get a free Hoyts Kiosk movie rental this Wednesday, why the Adelaide "party girls" are the worst thing ever.

  • According to KFC, over 800,000 Zinger Pies have been sold in Australia since the snack's launch. (That's 1,654,400,000 kilojoules, number-crunching fans.) The Zinger Pie will only be sticking around until 7 October, so if you've yet to try one you better be quick. You can read what we thought of the pie in our taste-taste article . You can also check out how the advertisement stacked up to reality here.
  • If you're still using DVDs, Hoyts Kiosk is offering a free movie rental this Wednesday. New titles include Star Trek Into Darkness and The Place Beyond the Pines. [Via OzBargain]
  • The Good Guys has knocked $20 off Telstra’s $30 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kits. The deal is available in all SIM card varieties including Nano and Micro-SIM for iPad. [Via OzBargain]
  • Would a Big Mac taste better if it was served on a plate? In a bid to find out, McDonald’s has been serving its flagship burger like a restaurant meal, complete with a knife and fork. The trial has been taking place at eight restaurants in the NSW Illawarra region, south of Sydney. "I think people thought it was a bit of an interesting experience," a McDonald’s spokeswoman said. Well, it's certainly classier than Whopper feed bags. [Via Business Insider]
  • If you needed a reason to hate Today Tonight and humanity in general, this soul-crushing episode about the Adelaide "party girls" being sent to LA for absolutely no reason ought to do it.


    Adelaide Party Girls.....more like mediocre boring college girls...
    most intelligent comment of the video, "three blondes and a brunette, hehehehe, i guess that kind of helps"

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