Hoyts Swims Into The Movie Stream

The movie-centric chain is set to launch its own streaming service in early 2013, with both pay-per-view and all you can eat options.

We've lagged behind in movie streaming options in Australia to date, with Quickflix being the most notable example. It's a market that's rapidly picking up steam, however, and today Hoyts has announced it'll offer a streaming movie service "from 2013". New releases will be available on a pay-per-view basis, but there's the teasing prospect of an all-you-can-eat (or in this case,watch) subscription model, said to be coming in "later 2013". As part of the initiative, Hoyts will also rebrand its Oovie DVD Kiosk business as Hoyts Kiosk.

Hoyts has some decent traction in terms of brand awareness, but movie streaming is tricky business; not only will it need to work hard to get onto the various devices that we all watch movies on, but it could also benefit from getting some ISPs on board to cover the inevitable quota issues.


    I'm chafing at the bit for a legal service with a decent selection that plays well on my linux media box. My money is waiting for whoever wants it!

    all of my music and ebook acquisitions nowadays are legal, DRM-free, high quality downloads. only tv/video is stuck in the 90s.

    we'd happily pay for a high quality service that has the ease, flexility and now-not-2-weeks-later availability of usenet. until that time though, a sickbeard pvr coupled with a foxtel sub (as an questionable ethical counterbalance) is as close as we'd get.

    I am only going to assume its going to be as mediocre as the options we already have unless they price it properly and they show things ASAP then they won't be getting anything from me.

    Now they only have to make sure that they get peering arrangements with all of the ISP's in the country, and that they buy more bandwidth than Facebook and it will work fine..

    Of course they won't do that and people will go straight over their caps, and the service will be slow and stutter a lot and it will suck and everyone will go back to pirating.

    I'm such a sour puss aren't I?

    When I first saw the title, I was thinking it was still-in-theater movies being streamed, which led me to dream of current-release movies being available as a PPV option in your own house.

    I know that'd get me on board for seeing movies again.

    This is probably going to be more of the same old because Corporations like this love to rip off Aussies.

    Quickflix=Very old movies and poor streaming quality and high prices. I tried and was appalled they were offering crap at such highly inflated prices. Same as Tbox... Seriously- $6 for a 3-4 yo movie?

    Netflix=Medium-old movies - good streaming quality and lower prices. Only catch is you need to go through a proxy into the US to make it seem your from the US. I use this one. Speed is slow to start (5-10 seconds) but is fine after it. For my 4 yo to be able to watch ANY children show like Blues Clues,Dora or Diego (Note-the movies are "old" and I don't really watch them), its well worth $7 per month

    Being Single, I don't get much time to watch TV when my children are at school or i'm at work, then why are we beingforced into $40 per month subscription models in Australia for "base" packages from Foxtel... If I was with a partner who is at home, then i'd consider this too..

    Subscriptions in Australia are NOT subscriptions... they are premium $$ for mediocre content. Seriously, only the sport on foxtel is current and even then, you have to be lucky to get live games.

    Maybe they need to "think" about not only CONTENT but also "TIME VIEWED"... if I watch 2hrs per night, then maybe have 100hr subscription for month,200hr for someone who works part time,400hr packages for the people who don't work per month...i.e. USER pays...

    Maybe even have it capped at $1 per hour... imagine the $$ that would come in as everyone would feel like they are getting charged what they use. I'd subscribe to that.. Esp as I like Dr Who (3 cheers for Iview) and Game of Thrones (WTF is wrong with HBO! - geezus go world wide to stop piracy)

    Note to Corporations... If you WANT to stop piracy, stop thieving from the people first! I consider Foxtel (i HAD it for 2 years and got rid of it) the biggest joke out... 100 channels of utter repeated garbage.

    /end of rant

    I pay for $10 a month for all I can eat access to usenet, which gives me high quality, same day as broadcast/blu ray release, play anywhere, play anytime (ie not streaming) media. I'd pay $30 a month for a legit service offering the same.

    i remember filling out a survey for this. i said we needed something similar to netflix with a realistic price and realistic selection. Apple are currently releasing some movies for $9.99 to rent on the US store that are in theatres or are about to be,

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