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Three Touch Bar Apps That Are Actually Useful

Three Touch Bar Apps That Are Actually Useful

Apple’s Touch Bar is one of those features that looks interesting but has some of us scratching our heads as to its usefulness. When it was introduced, I thought it was gimmicky but after several weeks of using it I’m becoming accustomed to its dynamic nature and how it does…

Customise Your Mac’s Touch Bar With BetterTouchTool

Mac: If you’re fancy enough to have a MacBook with a Touch Bar, and you don’t hate that Apple replaced your physical keys with virtual ones (perhaps a blessing, given the former’s quality), you may have already tried customising it a little bit.

How To Use Function Keys In Windows On A New MacBook

Running Windows on your MacBook isn’t uncommon, but running it on a new Touch Bar MacBook Pro has its own set of challenges thanks to the removal of the function keys. Luckily, a trip through your MacBook’s settings can bring those precious keys back when using Windows 10, either virtually…