Fix Your Touch Bar With This App

The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar just isn't that useful. Sure, its functionality changes based on the app you're in, but if you — like me — were expecting a second screen that you'd be able to customise, you're not the only one who's disappointed. You can, however, download the third party app 2Touch to create some bespoke shortcuts that will launch your favourite apps and services.

With the option to preload everything you need for any situation literally at your fingertips, 2Touch might be the one app that will get you back in the habit of actually touching the Touch Bar.

After you download 2Touch, add it to your Applications folder, and start the app, you'll have to grant it additional privileges in your Accessibility settings so it can open windows in the sizes you specify. Visit System Preferences > Accessibility, and toggle on 2Touch.

The app lives on your Touch Bar along with your menu bar, where you can add and customise your Touch Bar buttons. You'll be presented with a list of available apps you can launch, along with window size preferences. You can launch multiple apps at once, configure browsers to load select webpages, and open them on multiple screens at a time.

You can have a button called "Workday" that launches Slack and your calendar app along with your browser, so you can start your day without distractions. Want a quick shortcut to movie night with your partner? Just have 2Touch open your browser and launch Netflix and Seamless simultaneously.

You can already modify some settings on the Touch Bar, though not many. If you miss the function keys, you can make them appear permanently (or temporarily by holding the fn key). You can add haptic feedback to the Touch Bar using the Haptic Touch Bar app.

2Touch feels like the missing piece for users looking to take advantage of the Touch Bar's potential. Still not enough to get you on the Touch Bar bandwagon? If you feel that strongly, then just turn it off, luddite.


    I don't think it will make much difference in practice. I still hate the Touch bar with a passion.

    I use the physical function keys as shortcuts and no matter how fancy the touch bar is, it will NEVER match physical keys that I can feel under the tips of my fingers without taking my eyes off the screen when I'm working.

    The new MBP is a massive dud for me. No F keys, no MagSafe, no SD card reader....
    I will keep on using older or alternative Macs until I find the courage to jump ship.

      What do you mean no F keys? you hold the Fn key and voila! F1 thru 12? I do also prefer the MagSafe however there are a few high voltage usb C MagSafe style plugs coming in the aftermarket.

      I do think this app will be handy for those with multiple google/mail accounts

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