• Hands On With The Wacom Bamboo Tip

    When Apple introduced the first iPhone, one of the things Steve Jobs lamented was styluses – those small plastic sticks that slotted into the side of many devices back in 2007 that we often lost. That’s spawned a number of other options with Apple even develop their own Pencil – albeit at an eye-watering price.…

  • How To Use A Banana As A Stylus [Video]

    Bananas, eh? Is there anything they can’t do? In previous posts we’ve seen how these yellow miracle workers can be used to shine shoes, polish silverware and ripen avocado. As this video from Sam Tucker demonstrates, they can also be used as a makeshift stylus for your tablet.

  • Build Your Own Tablet Stylus On The Cheap

    If you use a tablet and wish you had a stylus to use with it, you could go out and spend a few dollars plus shipping to have a capacitive touchscreen-friendly stylus shipped to you, or you can build your own using a ballpoint pen and a kitchen sponge that you probably already have.