How To Use A Banana As A Stylus [Video]

How To Use A Banana As A Stylus [Video]

Bananas, eh? Is there anything they can’t do? In previous posts we’ve seen how these yellow miracle workers can be used to shine shoes, polish silverware and ripen avocado. As this video from Sam Tucker demonstrates, they can also be used as a makeshift stylus for your tablet.

We’ve featured the Australian video comedian Sam Tucker on Lifehacker previously: Click here to see his guide to faking piano skills (editor Angua Kidman has tried it for himself and claims it really works).

In his latest video, Sam aptly demonstrates how a monkey’s favourite snack can be hacked into an oversized yellow stylus. In the words of Sam: “Stop using your fingers and whip out a banana today!!”

Incidentally, we tried this hack out for ourselves on a Galaxy S Note II phablet and it really does work — it might not have an practical benefits, but as a dumb party trick it’s sure to produce a few chortles.

Check out the above video for the in-depth instructions. In other fruit news, be sure to check out Kotaku editor Mark Serrel’s juice-only diet challenge, which kicked off today.

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  • One of the indigenous students I work with was using a bit of banana on his school ipad last year. He might be the next version of the bush mechanics. Bush Tech developers.

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