Google Shoelace: The New Facebook Killer Explained

Google Shoelace: The New Facebook Killer Explained
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Google has unveiled a new social media site called Shoelace and it’s looking to take on the neighbourhood king, Facebook. Unlike the reigning social media site, however, Shoelace focuses on community rather than creating a global network and to get access, you’ll need an exclusive invite. It’s a little bit mysterious so here’s what we know about it.

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How does Shoelace work?

It was designed to help people new to cities and focuses on connecting people through daily activities like “running”, “dogs” and “wine” and, according to TechRadar, has Pinterest-style visuals. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.

Google Shoelace: The New Facebook Killer ExplainedImage: Shoelace

Interestingly, Shoelace is location-restricted and strictly invite-only, similar to Ello who failed to kill Facebook like so many predicted.

Activities are called “loops” tying to app’s name and intention “to tie people together based on their interests—like two laces on a shoe.”

So, is it coming to Australian cities?

Right now, it’s only available in New York City but you can fill out a Google Form to let them know you’re keen for it to come to your city. Their “goal is to bring Shoelace to cities nationwide”, meaning the United States is first on the cards before any move into Australia.

More likely, trials could start up in Los Angeles or San Francisco, closer to Google headquarters, but if it proves a success, it could well head to Australian cities.

With Google+’s slow demise mere months ago, will it actually be enough to take on Facebook’s decade-long reign? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Meh… Google will do the usual. Throw it up against a few random walls and then randomly kill it down the track.
    I don’t trust any Google product anymore except Gmail. Anything else is prone to be randomly killed off at any point.

    Because to Google throwing a few treats in a maze and watching how the rats respond, or not, with no interaction, is a great marketing strategy (not).

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