Get Instagram Likes Back With This Chrome Extension

Get Instagram Likes Back With This Chrome Extension
Image: Shutterstock

Last month Instagram started hiding the likes on some posts from U.S. accounts. The idea behind the move was to allow users to “focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes you get.”

If you miss being able to see likes and comment counts or need to be able to see them for your job, The Return of the Likes is a Chrome extension that can help.

Unfortunately, it requires you to be viewing Instagram on your computer rather than your smartphone. However, once it’s installed it makes those likes and comment count visible once again.

As you scroll, the like and follower account appears in orange at the top of each post in your feed, a bit different than when it’s presented by Instagram proper.

You can also view them by going to an individual account’s page. Here’s what our Instagram account looks like:

Like and comment counts are posted below each image in an account view.

If you don’t need to know likes and comment counts for Instagram posts then using the service without them can actually be a bit more pleasant. If you need them, or if you miss having them around, then “The Return of the Likes” can be a simple way to get them back.

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