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While it's been possible to record activity from your iPhone or iPad screen connecting your iOS device to a computer and using QuickTime, iOS 11 has added the ability to record screen activity directly on your device. This is a handy for creating video tutorials and capturing gameplay for your YouTube channel.


Hey Lifehacker, I'm currently using Chronolapse to generate lots of screenshots, but unfortunately it clumps them all into one big folder instead of separating them by date. Is there some way to have a folder automatically separate its contents into individual folders for each date? I tried Belvedere but if it has the answer I wasn't able to ask it the right question. Cheers, Capture Crazed


Windows: We've covered a lot of screenshot apps in the past. If you use Dropbox for most of your working documents it may make a lot of sense to use CloudShot, the screenshot app that automatically uploads to a specified folder on your system, including Dropbox folders.


Mac: If you've ever spent an hour using Photoshop or GIMP to create tutorials by inserting instructions onto images you'll enjoy Clarify. The app creates a screen capture and allows you to append and highlight the image. Unlike other apps, Clarify has the ability to take a delayed screenshot.


Windows only: If you need to grab both video and still screen captures, but don't have the need or budget for professional software, Extensoft Screen Capturer can do both with ease. With Extensoft's app, you can capture the entire screen or specified areas of it. Captured images can be saved as BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIFF formats. Video captures can be saved in either WMV or AVI format—there are codecs for DiVX, ffdshow, and XviD, among others, for post-processing, and audio can be grabbed during video sessions as well. Almost all of the menu commands for controlling Extensoft Screen Capturer have corresponding keyboard shortcuts, making it easy to use mouse-free. Screen Capturer is free but does require a basic name/email registration. The registration is sent instantly and requires no validation. Extensoft Screen Capturer is freeware, Windows only.

Extensoft Screen Capturer


Windows only: Tiny open-source application Lightscreen takes screenshots with a configurable hotkey and automatically saves them into a folder of your choice. Lightscreen is a simple application designed to do nothing more than take screenshots, which are saved with a choice of JPG, BMP or PNG format to auto-numbered filenames and copied to the clipboard. Lightscreen has no built-in editing or annotation tools, leaving any editing tasks to separate applications like Paint.NET. If all you want is screen capture directly to a file, this utility might be worth a look. Windows Vista users will need to right-click on the setup application and choose "Run as Administrator" if installing to the Program Files folder. Lightscreen is a free download for Windows users. Thanks Paul!