TinyTake Captures And Annotates Screenshots, Records Screencasts

TinyTake Captures and Annotates Screenshots, Records Screencasts

Windows: There's no shortage of good screen capture tools for Windows and we have covered some of the best ones. TinyTake is another good option, particularly if you also need screencasting features.

TinyTake runs in the Windows taskbar and allows you to annotate the image after the capture. You can also share the images through TinyTake, but it requires a MangoApps account. Video captures can record up to five minutes at a time in MP4 format. Though its video recording feature is basic, it's nice to have it together with the screen capture tool.

If you give TinyTake try, let us know how it compares with your current favourite screen capture tool.

TinyTake (Free) [via AddictiveTips]


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