A Tidy Deal: Save Up to $1,200 on Robot Vacuums With These EOFY Sales

A Tidy Deal: Save Up to $1,200 on Robot Vacuums With These EOFY Sales
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The EOFY sales gods have smiled upon those of you in the market for your first (or even second) robot vacuum. Right now, you can grab a robot vacuum for cheap – we’re talking up to $1,200 off – from big brands including Roborock, Ecovacs, iRobot and more.

These deals are on from now until the end of June as the 2022-2023 financial year comes to a close.

Here are all of the best EOFY robot vacuum cleaner sales we’ve spotted so far.

Best EOFY deals on Ecovacs robot vacuums

Ecovacs N8+ is on sale
Image: Ecovacs

First up is the Ecovacs robot vacuum sale that’s being held over at Amazon Australia.

Its biggest deal is on its bestselling Ecovacs Deebot N8 robot vacuum cleaner, where you’ll be able to save almost 60 per cent off its full price. This is among the cheapest we’ve seen the N8 drop down to and well worth the plunge if you’re after a powerful robovac, but don’t want to pay anywhere close to $1,000.

The only catch is that this robot vacuum doesn’t come with its own auto-empty station, so you’ll need to manually empty its dustbin at the end of each clean. Alternatively, you can spring for the N8+, which does come with an auto-empty station and sealed, disposable dust bags that can hold between one to two months’ worth of dirt and dust.

However, neither robot vacuum sports the most powerful suctioning power. If you have a mix of carpet and wood/tile flooring in your home, you’ll probably want to go for the T9+ or the T10 Plus, which are both stronger options. For homes with a lot of carpet, don’t overlook the X1 Turbo, which has an ultra-strong 5,000Pa suctioning power and also has a built-in self-washing component and security camera that you can peddle around your home with your phone. How’s that for smart?

Best EOFY deals on iRobot robot vacuums

Image: iRobot

Next up is iRobot’s Roomba range, which is currently on sale for up to $800 off. These are the robot vacuums you’ve probably seen a cat zooming around on in a TikTok video or even caught the Disney witch Mary Sanderson ride in the 2022 Hocus Pocus sequel.

Out of the following, we’re big fans of the Roomba j7+, which is the only robot vacuum on the market with a retractable mop. Most robot vacuums have a snap-on mopping plate or one that sits a few millimetres above the ground. While it is handy to have a robot that can mop as well as suck, it detracts from the “hands-free” lifestyle that smart home products boast. That’s why the j7+ is such a promising two-in-one solution since it prevents the risk of snail trails on your carpets and eliminates the need to install its mopping pads yourself.

Check out iRobot’s robot vacuum deals below:

Best EOFY deals on Roborock robot vacuums

Amazon Prime Day: Robot vacuums
Image: Roborock

Roborock might be on the pricier side when it comes to robot vacuums, but these little suckers sure are smart. Featuring advanced detection technology, Roborock’s robovacs know how to navigate your home with the least amount of bumps and collisions.

If you want a no-frills option and don’t want to splurge too much, then look to the Q7 Max smart robot vacuum. It features a very strong 4,200Pa suction, a 180-minute run time and a large 470ml dust bin so you can go longer without emptying it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get you an auto-emptying station, so in that case, we recommend upgrading to the S7 MaxV Plus. Not only will it self-empty itself at the end of each clean, but this bad boy can last up to four months before you need to replace its disposable dust bags. It’s also fitted with a real-time video call option, so you can check up on pets while away from home and even speak to them through the robot.

Other robot vacuum deals

Even with the glorious EOFY sale running, robot vacuums can still be fairly expensive. If you’re after a budget robot vacuum that will still get the job done, we’ve rounded up a few more deals below. We wouldn’t recommend most of these for heavily carpeted homes, or if you have many furry critters roaming around. But for smaller homes, these will do quite nicely.

Check them out below:

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