The Best Ads and Trailers From the 2024 Super Bowl

The Best Ads and Trailers From the 2024 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is happening right now, but everyone knows that the game isn’t the only thing to be excited about – the Super Bowl ads for 2024 are also a major talking point.

As it turns out, there are a lot of exciting entertainment updates happening in between watching the 49ers and the Chiefs throw a ball around. Advertisers and studios always pull out the big guns for the Super Bowl, and they pay premium money to put their best commercials and trailers forward.

Seeing as we don’t get the same advertisements here in Australia, it’s easy to miss all the news from the Super Bowl ads. Here’s a list of the latest trailers for new movies and TV shows, as well as some of the best Super Bowl ads for 2024 (which, bear in mind, are intended for the U.S. audience).

Super Bowl movie trailers for 2024

Deadpool & Wolverine

Perhaps the most-anticipated trailer of the year, the third Deadpool movie debuted its first footage during the Super Bowl this year. The trailer explains how Wade Wilson travels from the Fox universe to the MCU (via the TVA as seen in Loki) and pairs him with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine once again.

Oh, and the title is now officially Deadpool & Wolverine.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

The trailer for Wes Ball’s Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (a follow-up to the recent prequel trilogy of films). The movie is set generations after Caesar’s reign, where Apes rule and humanity has fallen, its survivors living in the shadows.


The Wizard of Oz prequel/side story, Wicked, has been a hit on musical stages for over 20 years now, and the movie adaptation has incited a lot of excitement and apprehension in fans everywhere. We got our first look at footage from the first movie (it will be released in two parts), starring Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo, at the Super Bowl, which features some of the musical’s show-stopping tunes.

The Fall Guy

We’ve already seen a fair bit from Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt’s new film The Fall Guy, but the Super Bowl spot reminded us that this film has “everything”.


Decades after the first film starring Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt and Phillip Seymour Hoffman was released, Twister is getting a sequel. Yes, you read that correctly.

The new film has a similar premise, following a group of storm chasers who put themselves in the paths of the biggest and most violent tornadoes. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell star.

Best Super Bowl ads 2024

Beyoncé x Verizon

Stop everything because nothing will beat this ad at the 2024 Super Bowl. Beyoncé teamed up with Verizon and Tony Hale to create a cute ad about breaking the internet. Along the way, she announces everything from Beyonc-AI to BarBey and fails to break Verizon’s internet — so at the very end of the ad, she says, “Okay, they ready. Drop the new music”.

She has since announced that her album Act II is coming March 29, and she has released two tracks to get the people going: ‘Texas Hold ‘Em‘ and ‘16 Carriages’.


The internet has been loving the dynamic between Martin Scorsese and his Gen Z daughter Francesca. The duo team up in this teaser for a Super Bowl Squarespace ad, which shows them attempting to make a website. The results of their efforts can be seen in the full commercial here.

Michelob Ultra

Light beer brand Michelob Ultra united fictional football coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) with real football star Lionel Messi and American quarterback Dan Marino for its Super Bowl 24 ad.


Budweiser played into all our animal-loving hearts this year with an ad that reunites its classic Clydesdale horses with the dog they debuted as a puppy a number of years ago.


Hellmann’s mayonnaise had a creative take this year, starring Kate McKinnon as the owner of a cat who suddenly says ‘mayo’ instead of ‘meow’. Media frenzy ensues.


Christopher Walken makes fun of those who like to do impressions of him in the BMW Super Bowl 2024 commercial. The ad also features Halftime Show performer Usher.

Mountain Dew

Soda company Mountain Dew recruits America’s deadpan sweetheart Aubrey Plaza for its Super Bowl spot, which even sees the actress reunite with Nick Offerman for a Game of Thrones parody.

We’ll keep this post updated as more 2024 ads, trailers and TV spots from the Super Bowl are made available.


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