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I don’t know that 2017 was the best year for movies, but there were some pearlers. Disney continued to dominate the box office – five of the highest-grossing films came from their stable of superheroes, Jedi and pirate franchises. Disney’s assault continues in 2018, but there are a ton of other gems to keep an eye out for too.

Here’s what we’re excited about.


Comic Con is ostensibly a comic book convention. In reality, it's the place where Hollywood drops new trailers for genre TV shows and movies. Here is the cream of this year's crop: from Netflix's Stranger Things 2 to Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok.


The best part of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the action-packed trailers for upcoming games. Some show gameplay, some show ultra polished cinematics and some are nothing more than a five second tease. But they all get the blood racing if you're a die-hard gamer. Here are the best trailers - from Bioware's Anthem to Star Wars: Battlefront II.


Trailer backing isn’t as easy as some make it out to be. In fact, it can be very difficult. When backing a trailer many people make the mistake of either turning too sharply or not turning the right way which can lead to the trailer jack knifing on itself. If you’ve been in this predicament before, then here’s a quick guide on how to back a trailer properly without running the risk of jack-knifing it.