Get Ready to Enjoy ‘The Greatest Orgasms of Your Life’ With Abbie Chatfield and Normal’s New Kit

Get Ready to Enjoy ‘The Greatest Orgasms of Your Life’ With Abbie Chatfield and Normal’s New Kit

Abbie Chatfield and sexual wellness brand Normal have announced they’ve joined forces in pursuit of creating the perfect anal play kit. The result of this supergroup of pleasure-focused geniuses is Normal’s new modular kit: Option A.

If you’re intrigued by anal play and would like to explore a little deeper (ahem), here’s everything you need to know about the Option A modular kit.

Abbie Chatfield x Normal: Option A anal play modular kit

Abbie Chatfield anal butt plug
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Normal describes the modular kit as a “choose your own adventure” approach to anal play, with a small butt plug, medium butt plug, a vibrating bullet and a remote included in the pack. The bullet can be used as a sex toy on its own, or it can be inserted into either of the plugs for an added buzz.

In essence, the kit has been created as a way to help people of all experience levels to explore anal play in a fun and versatile way.

On the launch, Chatfield shared the below:

“I remember the first time I was curious about trying anal, I was a bit overwhelmed because like all of us, I didn’t get any sex positive info when I was growing up. We often have this stereotype that anal is what we see in porn – hard and fast penetration with a penis or dildo – and while that can be great, it’s just one way to explore anal play.”

Abbie Chatfield anal butt plug
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“Prostate stimulation can be a game-changer for people with penises (like, who wouldn’t want to have more powerful full-body orgasms multiple times without ejaculating?!), and for people with vulvas, blending tools like a small butt plug into stimulating your clitoris, g-spot, vulva and more can create these intense, deep, amazing orgasms (and often helps to push people ‘over the edge’ as well).

“So I wanted to design a modular / choose your own adventure kit to create something for everyone; from first-timers to full converts, using it solo or together, in the bed or shower, on its own or blended with other erogenous zones for the greatest orgasms of your life.”

Normal co-founder Lucy Wark explained that part of the allure of designing the Option A anal play kit was due to data indicating that some 58 per cent of Aussies are comfortable bringing pleasure to the anal area but that only 8 per cent of Australians know how to pleasure the prostate.

“With Option A, we want to provide a beautiful beginner-friendly option to start exploring anal play, and close that pleasure education gap with tons of educational videos and guides,” she shared.

And Georgia Grace, Normal’s co-founder and certified sex coach, added that if you’re new to this kind of pleasure, but are curious about it, there is a lot of fun to be had!

“All people, sexualities and genders have lots of pleasurable nerve endings and erectile tissue – in fact the anus has the second highest concentration of nerve endings in your body,” she said in a statement.

“And really it can be for anyone – some people enjoy anal sex or stimulation on its own, and others like it as part of wider sexual experiences.”

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If you’d like to try the Normal x Abbie Chatfield Option A anal play kit for yourself, you can purchase it online here for $220. You can also find loads (seriously, heaps) of information on anal play and toys on the website if you’re keen to learn more about this kind of pleasure. In Chatfield’s words (via the Normal website), this kit will bring you “the greatest orgasms of your life” – so be prepared.

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