Been Played by an FBoy? Binge and Abbie Chatfield Want to Compensate You

Been Played by an FBoy? Binge and Abbie Chatfield Want to Compensate You
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There’s something about FBoy’s that makes them hard to quit. Even if they are the walking embodiment of a red flag, most of us still give up our precious time, money and love just to be played by people we knew weren’t good for us in the first place. But now, Binge wants us to reclaim our power (and money) with the FBoy Compensation Fund.

Yes, that’s right, all those late-night booty calls, bad dates, and ghosting experiences might actually not be for nothing, not if Binge has anything to do about it.

To celebrate the new reality dating show, FBoy Island Australia, Binge conducted some research from over 1,000 Aussie women aged 18-45 on how much time and money they’ve wasted on FBoys. The results, as you can imagine, are pretty grim.

First of all, the data showed that Aussie women date 24 FBoys per year, wasting 116.2 million hours and $3.14 billion in a year on FBoys. These expenses include $472 million on hair appointments, $526 million on new outfits, $302 million on hair removal and $383 million on nails.

Unfortunately, the research also showed that 68 per cent of women have fallen for an FBoy. I can’t blame them, I’ve been caught in the FBoy web far too many times.

That’s why Binge have decided to launch the FBoy Compensation Fund to make up for all those bad dates.

What is the Compensation Fund?

As mentioned, to celebrate the launch of FBoy Island Australia, Binge has created the FBoy Compensation Fund to help people claim back some of their FBoy-related losses.

The host of the new dating show, Abbie Chatfield, will select the wildest experiences to win prizes ranging from $50 to $1,500. Finally, all those failed romantic weekends away, birthday gifts you regret buying, and the costly 1:00 am Uber rides to their place might be worth something.

Speaking on the Compensation Fund, Chatfield said, “I have had my fair share of FBoy experiences, and while we can all have a good laugh at the absurdity of some of these situations I am happy that the women of Australia are finally being reimbursed for some of their losses.”

If you want to enter, the FBoy Compensation Fund will run for two weeks, starting Monday, May 22, until Monday, June 5.

Ten winners will be chosen each week, hand selected from Chatfield herself.

To enter, you can send all your wild and outlandish experiences directly to Binge’s Instagram or make a duet video with Abbie Chatfield on TikTok for a chance to receive your compensation.

What is FBoy Island Australia?

For those who don’t know, FBoy Island Australia is the newest reality dating show coming to Binge on Monday, May 29.

It will follow Molly O’Halloran, Sophie Blackley and Ziara Rae on their quest to find love and help each other navigate the world of dating, attempting to figure out which of the 12 self-proclaimed ‘nice guys’ are actually looking for love and if the 12 self-proclaimed ‘FBoys’ are only there to play the game and win the cash prize.

Check out the trailer below:

Ultimately, the show asks: Can FBoys truly reform and do Nice Guys really always finish last?

I hope all your FBoy experiences are rewarded with a bountiful supply of cash and glory.


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