This $29 Kmart Fan Has TikTok in a Spin, but Is It All Hot Air?

This $29 Kmart Fan Has TikTok in a Spin, but Is It All Hot Air?

If you’re freaking out about the disgustingly warm weather that is coming our way this summer (slash has already arrived), you are certainly not alone. The summer period is an intense one in Australia, and if you’re someone who is living without air-con, you’re likely looking for ways to manage the heat. That’s why, when we spotted a Kmart fan doing the rounds on TikTok, we sat up and paid attention.

Is the affordable fan worth the hype? Or would you be better off investing in something a little more expensive?

Kmart’s ‘Misting Fan’ is going viral

The Kmart fan everyone seems to be talking about right now is its $29 Misting Fan – quite the bargain. It’s equipped with LED lights, has three speed settings and is fitted with a misting option to help cool you down on warm days. It’s also teeny [21cm (H) x 21cm (W) x 21cm (D)], so it’s fairly portable if you ever need to bring it around to different rooms.

It’s fairly easy to see why people would be interested in this as an option, but how well does it work?

TikTok creator @kinleyc_ shared a video (which has accrued 1 million views at the time of writing) of her using the fan in her home, and shared that she enjoyed the different colours, and found that using ice water makes the fan much cooler. The creator shared that the fan is a little noisy, and rated it 6/10.

Looking through the comments, however, you can see other Kmart shoppers sharing their grievances with the fan.

“I’ll just buy a spray bottle from Bunnings instead,” shared one commenter.

“I bought it, tried it, returned it next day,” said another.

“Being a Kmart product and seeing the water container above 240 volt electricity makes me very nervous,” another TikTok user shared.

Others in the comments felt fine about using the fan, however. “It isn’t the best but I’m going to keep mine,” one explained.

Looking to the Kmart website itself, the fan doesn’t have loads of reviews, but the overall rating sits at 2.9 out of 5. Some folks share that it’s great for a desk or similar, but others say it’s too weak for their tastes.

Have you tried this misting fan? Let us know in the comments what you think! And if you’re after other fan ideas, check out our write-ups on neck fans and a more swanky Dyson option next.

Lead Image Credit: TikTok

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