5 Fans That Can Handle the Aussie Heat, According to Reddit

5 Fans That Can Handle the Aussie Heat, According to Reddit

As Australia continues to struggle through a sweltering summer, folks are reaching for fans to help with the uncomfortable temperatures. We’ve written about the best fans or cooling systems you can find before, but this time we thought we’d turn to our favourite source of unfiltered opinions, Reddit, for some inspiration.

A quick look at r/Perth and r/AussieFrugal highlights some clear popular options for fans that tend to help make summer days more manageable, so, here are some of the brands that stood out most.

Best fans for Aussie summer, according to Reddit

  • Kmart’s pedestal fan (if you can bloody find one): Redditor T0TALLYDEAD shared that, “My Kmart pedestal fan has lasted me four and a half years. I have to give the blades a bit of a spin to help the motor start-up, but it’s still good. I will be investing in a new Kmart one before summmer hits”.
  • Vornado: Notyit wrote that, “Vornado are good it feels like a breeze that’s constant.” Redditor Significant-Poet-301 agreed, sharing that “Vornado is great. Good pressure, portable.”
  • ALDI fans (when they’re on sale): There were a few mentions of ALDI having a decent pedestal option, but obviously, this depends on special buys availability (sighs). Redditor Roma_lolly wrote, “They are great- I brought one in Oct 2019, pretty much on every night for 5-6months straight. Its never missed a beat. Highly recommend.”
  • Arlec Box fan, Bunnings: Another top-rated result was a Bunnings-stocked box option. Vin495 shared that “We brought an Arlec box fan from bunnings last summer, around $50 and its been amazing, didn’t turn on the a/c last summer”.
  • A shearing fan: Redditor ellhard recommended that you “Just grab yourself a Shearing Fan $145 and it will almost blow ya house down on full bore. Plus they last forever.”

With temperatures continuing to soar, and many rentals in Australia not fitted with air-conditioning, it’s no surprise so many of us are desperate to get our hands on fans (affordable ones, where possible) that will cool our homes efficiently. So much so that this writer is struggling to find a well-reviewed pedestal fan that’s actually in stock somewhere… In any case, if you’re looking to make a purchase (wishing you luck), at least now you’ve got access to a few options that other Aussies rate highly.

And if we’ve left out an option that you think deserves to be on this list, please let us know in the comments below!

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