IKEA Is Dropping Its First-Ever Workout Collection Soon

IKEA Is Dropping Its First-Ever Workout Collection Soon

Gym junkies, look alive, because IKEA has announced that it is introducing a new workout range to its collection of home furniture and styling items. The limited edition DAJLIEN collection is hitting IKEA Australia in early 2024, so here is everything you need to know about the fitness range.

IKEA Australia’s first workout collection: Give me the deets

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The DAJLIEN collection (DAJLIEN is Swedish for daily) is made up of everything from dumbbells to exercise mats, with prices starting from as low as $6 and up to $149 for products.

After learning about home workout habits for people based in New York, Chicago, London and Shanghai, IKEA reported that its “findings highlight common challenges connected to motivation, limited space, time constraints, and the discomfort many feel when working out at a gym. At the same time, exercise products are seen as bulky and can clash with home decor.”

So, as a solution, it developed products that are designed to blend in better with home decor — while making workout products feel more practical, too. In essence, IKEA has shared that the workout range is made up of both training equipment and storage solutions.

The DAJLIEN workout collection from IKEA includes:

Product RRP (AUD) 
DAJLIEN air purifier, light green  $59 
DAJLIEN bath poncho with hood 110, light green  $39 
DAJLIEN bath towel 70×140, yellow  $8 
DAJLIEN belt bag, green $10 
DAJLIEN bench with storage 100x30x37, bamboo $149 
DAJLIEN blanket 130×170, light green $35 
DAJLIEN carrier bag 50x36x39, white  $10 
DAJLIEN csh 44×19, light green  $15 
DAJLIEN exercise mat 110×210, light green  $99 
DAJLIEN exercise mat 70×110, green  $39 
DAJLIEN exercise s4 $49 
DAJLIEN hand towel 30×50, yellow 2-pack $6 
DAJLIEN relax-poncho L/XL $69 
DAJLIEN relax-poncho S/M $69 
DAJLIEN slippers L/XL, yellow  $10 
DAJLIEN slippers S/M, yellow  $10 
DAJLIEN step-up board $49 
DAJLIEN training weight 3kg ring 2-pack $35 
DAJLIEN trolley 42x39x65, light green $119 
DAJLIEN trolley 42x39x65, white $119 
DAJLIEN valet stand 139, light green  $79 
DAJLIEN valet stand 139, white $79 

Sarah Fager, Designer at IKEA of Sweden shared that:

“Not everyone feels safe or comfortable going to a gym and at home we often deal with small space and time constraints. DAJLIEN was born from the desire to find smart solutions that address these limitations and help people create a convenient and motivating place for exercise.

“We wanted to create smart, beautiful products to inspire and redefine training as a fun, easy and natural everyday activity.”   

The DAJLIEN collection will be available across Australia at IKEA in-store, online, on the IKEA app or remotely via phone and online chat, from January 1, 2024.

You can learn more about IKEA’s collections here.

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