Here Are 7 of the Most-Googled Sex Positions

Here Are 7 of the Most-Googled Sex Positions

Wanna hear a secret? Most people, no matter how confident they seem, have some kind of insecurity surrounding sex. We’re all stumbling through the process in much the same way; learning what works as we go along. This probably explains why so many of us are fascinated by the concept of the ‘best’ sex positions to try.

Now, when you consider the fact that everyone’s bodies and preferences in the bedroom are different, it’s kind of tricky to land on a clear set of positions that are going to suit every person out there. But we can get a sense of what people are curious about based on search trends on the internet.

Here, we’ve pulled together a list of some of the most-searched sex positions. We chatted with Frenchie Sensuality Coach Elanor Hadley about what they are and how to elevate them with some sex tech – if you so choose.

7 of the best sex positions to try

It’s worth noting before we dive in that the below positions are intended for partnered sex, but there’s no reason they can’t work as inspiration for a solo session, either. Also, keep in mind that we’re looking at a range of sex positions for all genders – hopefully, it can offer some fun inspiration for your next romp.

Missionary sex position

Hardly a new concept, but the missionary sex position is a fairly popular one (Google search tells us so) which is why it makes it into the list of one of the best options. Lying with one partner on top of the other, face to face, is a particularly intimate way to get down, so don’t knock the classics, people.

Hadley explained that missionary is “a beloved staple for a reason”. The position offers folks the “ability to hit all the right spots for both parties”.

For women and people with vulvas, you can also “amp up the pleasure potential by wedging a sex toy with a wide a flat edge like the Double Entendre by Frenchie in between you both for extra clitoral stimulation,” she explained.

The eagle

Not to be confused with Velma Kelly’s least favourite performance trick, the spread-eagle.

“This position is very similar to missionary, except instead the legs of the partner on the bottom are spread wide and lifted towards the head creating a tilt of the pelvis,” Hadley shared.

The eagle sex position is one of the best out there because it offers the option of introducing a vibe between your two bodies for a little more fun, and perhaps even a blended orgasm, Hadley highlighted.

The broken eagle sex position

Turns out, there are different versions of the eagle, so if you want to expand on that kind of experience, here’s a look at the broken eagle sex position.

Jennifer Litner, a certified sex therapist, spoke with Insider about the position and explained how to do it at home.

“The receiving partner lies face down. The receiving partner keeps one leg straight while bending the other one out to the side. The penetrating partner enters from behind.”

According to  Courtney Padjen, another certified sex therapist who also spoke with Insider, the position allows for penetration at a different angle

Cowgirl sex position

You may have heard of the cowgirl position before. It’s often seen in hetero penetrative sex where a woman or person with a vulva straddles the man or person with a penis, and off you go. But that is certainly not the only way to enjoy this position.

“As the name suggests, this position is all about riding your partner,” Hadley shared.

“As they are laying down on their back, you’ll straddle and ‘mount’ them and enjoy the ride.”

As for why this is considered one of the best sex positions, Hadley explained that it’s a great one for deep penetration and for people with vulvas, you can also involve some clitoral play if you’re keen.

In terms of introducing toys into the mix, Hadley suggested “using a long vibe or dildo” to bring a little anal action (or a little more anal action) into the mix. She just highlighted that you’ll want to use plenty of lube and ensure you’re choosing a toy “that is either flared at the base, or [it] can be curved” for safety reasons.

If you’d like to switch this position up further, you can also invert it so the person on top is penetrating their partner while straddling them. This is called the cowboy.

Speed bump

Great name, right? If you’ve never heard of the speed bump before, here’s Hadley’s description:

“This ‘rear entry’ position is great for either vaginal or anal penetration and can feel beautifully intimate. One partner lays on their front while the other lays on top of them, entering from behind.”

She added that “if the person on the bottom has a clitoris, this is a great opportunity to use a flat vibe and wedge it between yourself and the bed for an extra dose of O’s”.

Read more about the position here.

69 sex position

There can’t be a ‘best sex positions list’ without 69! It’s one of the most broadly pleasurable and versatile options there is. And if you’re one who likes to include sex toys in the bedroom, “there are endless possibilities,” Hadley said.

In a nutshell, 69 is a position where both parties perform oral sex on one another at the same time. Hence the name.

“For vulvas, try using a dildo for penetration as you lick and suck on the clit – or vice versa – place a vibe on the clit while you focus your oral attention on the lips and the rest of the vulva. To enhance pleasure for a penis, you could try adding in a cock ring to take your blow job to the next level,” Hadley explained.

If you’re keen on this area you can always read more on how to give a great blowjob or how to become a cunnilingus expert next.


This baby makes the list of best sex positions purely because of how intimate it is. Loads of folks turn to the lotus position in order to feel closer to their partners – and ain’t that sweet?

Hadley shared that “the lotus sex position is when one partner sits upright and cross-legged while the other sits on top and wraps their legs around them”.

For people with vulvas, she suggested you grab “a vibe and place it on a low rumbly setting in between your bodies and against the clit to have you coming again and again”.

Not a bad time, hey?

Now, while these options may be considered some of the best sex positions you can try, it’s certainly not an exhaustive list.

One of the best tools available in the world of sex is credible, inclusive learning resources (and who doesn’t want to learn more about pleasure?) so may we suggest you check out NORMAL’s guide to sex education next? You’ll thank us for it.

This article has been updated since its original publish date.

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