Work Every Muscle With This Bodyweight Exercise Chart

Work Every Muscle With This Bodyweight Exercise Chart

Putting together a bodyweight workout routine is easy: just do some pushups, and some squats, and some…uh…other stuff. To get a balanced workout, you have to know which exercises target which muscles. This is why we love this super simple bodyweight exercise chart from Darebee.

An easy guide to bodyweight exercises

The chart groups bodyweight exercises by the muscles they work. Want to find a way to work your biceps? Try doorframe rows or a quick punching exercise called backfists. Sick of smashing out squats? Work your quads with lunges or side kicks instead.

You can even put together a whole workout routine by picking one or two exercises from each group: abs, quads, glutes, biceps, triceps, back, and chest. Put them all together in whichever order suits you best, and you’ll be sweating it out in no time.

Keep in mind that some of the exercises on this chart do require gear, like a pull-up bar, so they’re not strictly ‘no equipment’ workouts. But most can be done anywhere, leaving you no excuse for not getting in your workout. Just swap out any moves that don’t suit your body or environment and you should be golden.

Open the bodyweight exercise graph below in a new tab to enlarge it:

[Via Darebee]

If you want more guides to effective workout styles, check out our write-ups on the best exercises to try at the gym; our favourite stretches (because yes, flexibility is important) and a guide to the new fitness trends that are emerging in 2023 next.

Do you have any go-to exercises that you love to lean on when building fitness and strength? Let us know your favourites in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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