I’ve Been Using Toilet Freshener Wrong My Whole Life

I’ve Been Using Toilet Freshener Wrong My Whole Life

Hello, and welcome to another edition of dumb lessons I didn’t know I needed to know. This time, we’re talking about toilet fresheners and/or cleaners. During some recent life hack searching on TikTok (as you do during the holiday season), I came across a video about using toilet bowl fresheners. You know those colourful pod-like ones you hang in the bowl that make every flush pink-tinged and laced with a strong, fake flower scent?

Anyway. The video, which was posted by TikTok creator @tiger_lee_uk, quickly highlights that the way many of us hang our toilet freshener in the bowl is completely incorrect and shows off the right method. If you want to have your mind blown by a ridiculously simple act, please check out the TikTok below.

How to use toilet freshener properly

Okay, so for most people, the obvious way to use toilet freshener pods appears to be to hang them over the side of your toilet bowl using the thin, plastic hanger – right?

According to @tiger_lee_uk, this is totally wrong.

Instead, they show that you should take said ‘hanger’ (that’s not what it’s used for) and pop it up behind the inner wall of your toilet bowl. It should wedge in quite securely, and then you’ll have your toilet freshener neatly tucked away at the back of your bowl.

When you think about it, hanging these pods over the side of your toilet bowl never really sits well, so it’s kind of unsurprising to hear that it’s been wrong all along.

Anyway, if you’re someone who has long known this information, feel free to roll your eyes and move on. As for the rest of you, you can check out the video in full from @tiger_lee_uk below.


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