8 Cursed Games That Are Sure to Make Your Halloween Hell

8 Cursed Games That Are Sure to Make Your Halloween Hell

As people begin planning out their perfect costume for this (semi-normal-feeling) Halloween, you may be wondering how you’d like to celebrate the holiday this year. For those thrill-seekers looking for something spookier than Thriller TikTok dances, here are some cursed Halloween games that we highly recommend you avoid.

8 Halloween games that are scary as hell

The Elevator Game

Number one of the list: The Elevator Game should absolutely be avoided. The game involves riding an empty elevator in a specific sequence that upon finishing will allow you to enter an alternate reality. Upon reaching the new reality, no electronic device or lights will work and the only thing of note will be a red cross in the sky, beaming across a desolate city. Careful trying to leave, as it’s said this reality will try and pull you back… That’s a big “no thanks!” from me.

The Midnight Game

Coming in a very close second is the Midnight Game. Said to have originated as a Pagan ritual, the Midnight Game involves a small ritual that will bring forth a entity known as the Midnight Man. The goal of the game is to walk around your pitch black house with nothing but a candle, while you try to avoid becoming ensnared by the Midnight Man. If caught, you’ll experience hallucinations of your greatest fears. Sounds like a great episode of Charmed — but not real life.


This cursed game requires two people to play and that doesn’t make me more reassured. To play the game you’ll need to recite a specific chant while also performing a series of actions on your partner. Upon completing the game, your partner will see a flash of a certain colour, which will indicate how they’ll die. Sounds like an absolute riot of a time, doesn’t it?

Tsuji-ura, AKA The Fortune Game

If you’re striving to have a Raven Baxter moment, then this game is for you. The aim of the game is to have any question related to your future answered by an all-knowing “stranger.” To do so, you’ll need a crossroads and a face-covering to wear while the “stranger” informs you of your future. And while you may think this isn’t all that creepy of a game to play, we can assure you, it absolutely is.

Baby Blue

Probably the most confusing of the cursed games on the list, Baby Blue is one that is sure to give you second thoughts about children. The game involves pretending to hold a baby in front of a mirror in a dark room. Recite “Baby blue, blue baby” 13 times, after which you’ll feel as though you’re holding a real baby. If you don’t then flush the pretend baby down the toilet and a woman will appear in the mirror and start screaming at you. Why wouldn’t this be fun? Not sure at all.

Hide and Go Seek Alone

In what may be truly the most horrifying game here, Hide and Go Seek Alone involves summoning a demon to possess a doll of your choice in order to play hide and seek. Similar to that of the Midnight Game, the process involves a ritual in which you need to fill a doll with rice and nail clippings before sewing it up with red string. You then enter a game of hide and seek that involves stabbing the doll with an item, and if it finds you, it’ll stab you back. Chucky is absolutely quaking right now.

The Dark Reflection Ritual

In need of some good luck? Then please try anything else. The Dark Reflection Ritual is a game that involves spending the night enduring the most terrible luck possible in order to be rewarded with an incredible amount of good luck. After concentrating all your negative thoughts into a handheld mirror, you must proceed to burn it before smashing it, and you will then endure a night of increasingly bad luck that you won’t be able to stop. Maybe try a four leaf clover to start off with?

The Devil’s Game

Ever wanted to meet the Devil himself? Better played on Halloween or during a full moon, the Devil Game involves visiting an abandoned church at midnight and summoning the Devil to play a game of truth or dare. Although it could be fun to have a chat with the prince of darkness, you most likely won’t be graced by the vision that is Tom Ellis.

While it sounds like fun to dabble with otherworldly forces to make you Halloween extra spooky, it’s probably best that you spend the holiday overdosing on sugar and some scary movies instead.

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