Get 5G Home Internet for Under $50 per Month With TPG and iiNet

Get 5G Home Internet for Under $50 per Month With TPG and iiNet
Contributor: Alex Choros
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If you’re curious about 5G home internet, TPG and iiNet have made it that little bit more affordable. In addition to offering your first month free, you can also save $10 per month for your first six months on all their 5G home internet plans.

This means you’ll get your first month free, and then your next six months at a discount. You won’t pay the full price until your eighth month

The discount means TPG and iiNet both charge less than $50 per month for their entry-level 5G home internet plans. You’re looking at $49.99 per month on both during the discounted period, and $59.99 per month thereafter.

These plans have speeds capped to 50Mbps, which is similar to NBN 50. If you’re not happy with your service, the plans are contract-free. You just need to return your modem when you leave to avoid paying a hardware fee.

The only real difference between TPG and iINet’s plans is that iiNet lets you bundle in Fetch TV, while TPG doesn’t.

Here are the plans in question:

To get this deal, use the promo code 10OFF5G.

TPG Group providers are the only telcos to offer 5G plans with 50Mbps speeds right now, so these plans are your cheapest options for this type of service.

If you’re looking for something faster, the same promo code – 10OFF5G – also works on the pair’s 5G home internet plans with 100Mbps speeds.

Once again, you’ll get your first month free on both plans. On TPG, you’ll then pay $54.99 for the remaining six months, and $59.99 per month on iiNet. After the discount expires, you’ll pay $64.99 per month on TPG, and $69.99 per month on iiNet.

Here’s how the plans compare to other 100Mbps 5G options:

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