7-Eleven’s Coffee Prices Are Going Up, so How Do Other Cheap Spots Compare?

7-Eleven’s Coffee Prices Are Going Up, so How Do Other Cheap Spots Compare?

In news that has shocked the nation, it’s been announced that 7-Eleven’s famous $1 coffee is no more. The retailer announced that due to “sustained cost increases,” the delightfully cheap caffeine hit will now be setting customers back $2.

The price increase is the first we’ve seen in 13 years. And to add insult to injury, not only is the 7-Eleven coffee going up in price but so too are iced coffees and hot chockees. Slurpees are being hit as well, with prices for a large going up $1.50.

The changes are going to be implemented from October 4, so get your uber-affordable fill while you can.

If you’re a lover of cheap-as-sin coffee and are interested to know what other options you’ve got available, we’ve gone ahead and compared some other popular options in Australia. Here’s your unofficial guide.

Best cheap coffee in Australia, ranked by price

Now, keep in mind here that we’ve taken a peek based on local prices in restaurants close to us (Sydney). These may be slightly different to where you’re based. But still, it is interesting to compare the general average costs of cheap fast food-style coffee options in Australia.

Apparently, it’s more affordable to just head to a cafe for your brew in some cases.

Guzman y Gomez coffee

Our first winner (after your classic 7-Eleven coffee) is Guzman y Gomez. This collection of cheap coffees starts from $2, and that’s for a barista-made drink. Not too shabby. This is only available at selected GYG restaurants, however, so check before you head in.

Coles Express coffee

Coles Express brew also sits at the top of our list with caffeinated bevvy options starting from $2 also. Bargain. Coles Express Urban Coffee Culture coffee also took home a bunch of events at the 2020 and 2021 Golden Bean competitions, suggesting the brew ain’t half bad.

McDonald’s coffee

This varies according to location, so take this information with a grain of salt. But you can expect prices to sit at around McCafe coffee prices to start at about $3.40 for a piccolo latte. Cappuccinos start from $4.60, however.

Krispy Kreme coffee

A quick look on the Uber Eats app indicates Krispy Kreme coffee prices start at about $4.20 for a black brew and $4.80 for white coffee. Honestly, not that cheap.

Hungry Jack’s coffee

Moving over to Hungry Jack’s, there is Jack’s Cafe, where you can order a long list of caffeinated beverages. Taking a peek at the online order options, a small cappuccino can set you back $4.95 – steep!

Are there any cheerfully cheap coffee options you particularly enjoy? Pop them in the comments below.

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