How to Score Freebies and Great Deals With the 7-Eleven App

How to Score Freebies and Great Deals With the 7-Eleven App
Lifehacker Australia has partnered with 7-Eleven to bring you great deals.

You’ll be pleased to hear that you can score freebies on your next visit to 7-Eleven. If they aren’t free, the prices are great, so it’s win-win. Let’s dig in.

Picture this. You’re driving by, you’re low on petrol and decide to open the My 7-Eleven app to check prices. You see that the per litre cost is to your liking and with one tap, your fuel price has been locked for the week.

But a visit to any 7-Eleven is not complete without getting yourself some food or drinks. Before getting to the store, check out the offers available to you via the newly updated My 7-Eleven app and make use of them. Coming back with a coffee or Slurpee at no cost is a great deal, in our very humble opinion.

Get free stuff with 7-Eleven’s rewards program

My 7-Eleven is now offering loyalty rewards which means you get free stuff just by shopping with them. All you need to do is scan your My Card with every purchase to track your visits. On your seventh visit to the store, choose a free reward to brighten up your day.

New exclusive offers for your summer drives

7-Eleven has launched exclusive offers for the summer and they’re available every day until the 1st of February 2021.

The offers include a mix of buy-one-get-one-free deals, coffee breakfast combos and meal combos. These are great for sharing a Slurpee or coffee with a mate, keeping those hunger and caffeine-driven pangs at bay when your local cafe is shut, or when you’re on your way to the beach or out for a long road trip.

You can see the My 7-Eleven App Exclusive Offers below.

  • $2 Super Slurpee, Buy One Get One Free
  • $3 Super Coffee, Buy One Get One Free
  • $2 for a Regular Coffee + Any Banana Bread
  • $3 for 7-Eleven Iced Coffee + Any Cake Slice
  • $3 for 7-Eleven Coffee Melt + Any Cake Slice
  • $5 for a Deli-Style Sandwich + 750ml Pump Water 750ml
  • $5 for a Sushi 2-Pack + Pump Water 750ml
  • $5 for a Traveller Pie  + Barista Iced Coffee 500ml
  • $4 for a Traveller Pizza + Coca Cola 375ml Can
  • $2 Oak Blue Heaven 600ml
  • $3 Monster Ultra Rossa 500ml
  • $3 Pump Water 750ml
  • $3 Super Smoothies 350ml
  • $3 Boss Coffee 237ml

Keep a lookout for other deals on the offers tab in your app. At the time of writing, there were also chocolates from Mars and Cadbury going for $1, pies for $3 and Red Rock Deli chips for only $2.

Luckily, 7-ELeven is open every day these holidays for all your summer needs. You can download the My 7-Eleven app for Android devices via Google Play or for iPhone via the Apple store.


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