8 Spice Racks That Don’t Look Like a School Woodwork Project

8 Spice Racks That Don’t Look Like a School Woodwork Project
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There are very few things in life that are as satisfying as organising your home. From finding a place for all your awkwardly-shaped pots and pans to organising your cutlery draws according to size, gadget and usage, once you’ve found a home for all your bits and bobs, you’ll be able to use your kitchen more efficiently. However, one small aspect that often gets overlooked, but is always in desperate need of organising is the spice rack.

Over time, you’ve probably collected a bunch of random spices from your local supermarkets, wholefoods stores and market stalls, and by now, they’re likely cluttering up your cupboard space. You probably have doubles of some spices, are running low on others, and have a few expired ones, but like us, you probably won’t realise it until you go to use it.

A spice rack is one of the easiest ways to lay everything out while saving a little extra space in your kitchen. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a bunch of clever spice racks so you can find one that works for you.

Cosansys Spice Rack Organiser

If you’re looking for a wall-mounted spice rack that’ll look chic in your kitchen, this one from Amazon might be the perfect fit.

Where to buy: Amazon ($29.99)

SpaceAid 4 Tier Spice Rack Organizer

spice rack

If you’d prefer to keep your spices tucked away, this four-tiered one from SpaceAid is the perfect addition to your kitchen cupboard.

Where to buy: Amazon ($95.76)

Roccar Rotating Spice Rack Organizer with Jars

Chasing something that’s a little more aesthetically pleasing? This stainless steel rack from Roccar will not only look fancy on your kitchen countertop, but it also comes with 20 refillable jars and a silicone funnel to help you transfer your supermarket spices into some cute stackable jars that fit perfectly in the rack.

Where to buy: Amazon ($46.99)

Lynk Slide Out Spice Rack

If you’ve only got a skinny cupboard for your spices, this slide-out rack from Lynk should do the trick.

Where to buy: Amazon ($72.31)

X-Cosrack Spice Rack Organizer

This four-tier, wall-mounted rack is the easiest way to organise all your delicious herbs and spices in one convenient place. The best part? You can build it to suit your needs — you can stack it to be four-tier or break it down to two or even a single rack, depending on the space you have in your kitchen.

Where to buy: Amazon ($62.24)

FYY Kitchen Spice Rack

spice rack

If your apartment (like your selection of spices) is on the smaller side, this two-tier shelving set was made for you.

Where to buy: Amazon ($49.99)

Gneiss Spice Magnetic Spice Jars

You’ve probably already seen these magnetic spice jars all over TikTok. They’re a super-easy way to organise your spices and create a little moment on your fridge or wall.

Where to buy: Amazon ($99)

Mulush Bamboo Spice Tray

spice rack spice racks

Clear out your junk draw and save yourself the cupboard space by organising your spices in the said ex-junk draw using this bamboo organiser.

Where to buy: Amazon ($88.23)


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