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Android: If you're looking for a great way to organise your classes, homework, reading assignments and schedule, Timetable is an personal organiser designed with you in mind. The app has multiple views so you can check your class schedule and events, if you have exams or quizzes and assignments for each class.


Tech blog Techlicious.tv rounds up the features and advantages of 16 different photo management tools, including Picasa, CompuPic Pro, Nero PhotoShow, and others. Beyond just helping you find and rename your pics, however, are tools like Image Dupeless, which compares image pixel content to find duplicate photos, whether they're resized, cropped or otherwise altered. For digital camera enthusiasts who find themselves constantly messing and re-saving files, that's a nice de-cluttering tool.
16 Great Media Managers To Organize Your Photo Albums & Carry Out Basic Editing


Windows only: Free sidebar application Trog Bar keeps your email, tasks and calendar items within quick reach and organises them into a personal favourite productivity system, be it Getting Things Done, Total Workday Control, or most other popular approaches. While Outlook is not technically required, Trog Bar gets most of its value out of the Microsoft email/organiser app, instantly syncing and adjusting schedules and suggesting which task to tackle next based on your system and past work habits. For those just jumping into the pool of stress-reducing time management, the Trog Bar could be a helpful introduction. Trog Bar is a free download and registration (for a "limited time") for Windows systems only, and requires a sign-up and email confirmation. Thanks Al!

Trog Bar Task & Time Management Software


Windows Vista Only: All too often, quick downloads and working under deadline leave documents, pictures, and other file types out of the specific folders so helpfully set up at installation. Free Vista sidebar widget The Magic Folder serves as a kind of maid for your file messes, automatically moving files you drop on it to their correct folders based on file extensions. The widget can be modified to move files to your own folder setups (allowing for some Getting-Things-Done-style filing, perhaps), but the neatest aspect is the option to have it watch a folder you choose and do its file-organising magic whenever a new file appears. The Magic Folder is a free download for Windows Vista only.

The Magic Folder


We've mentioned a few work timers lately, such as the Title Bar Browser Timer, which lets you set how long you'd like to be able to websurf before getting a message telling you to get back to work, or Using a Digital Timer to stay on track and get things done.

But what if you want to track your worktime because you bill your clients by the hour, or need to know how long a job takes you? Then a time tracker may be what you need. The Freelance Switch came up with 6 timetracking tools today, including previously mentioned Cashboard. Several of them are freeware or offer free basic versions too.

6 Cool Tools to Track Your Time 


Gift wrap supplies are probably the last thing on the priority list to get organised, but as we dash headlong into the holiday season very soon, it's probably a good idea to start thinking about it. Organisational blog Unclutterer suggests using a plastic organiser specifically for gift wrap supplies to make this happen; however, you could also use a simple plastic shoe organiser or a flat bin that slides under your bed for easy access. How do you organize your gift wrap supplies, if you have any? Let's hear in the comments.
Organizing gift wrapping supplies