Repurpose A Shower Caddy Into A Spice Rack

Hurting for cabinet space in your kitchen? If you happen to have an old shower caddy lying around, you can repurpose it to hang spices and other kitchen necessities on the wall.

You can use the top rack of the shower caddy to fit an assortment of spices, and the hooks can be used for oven mitts, hot pads and utensils. The platform that bars of soap usually sit on can be used for just about any small kitchen item that you just can't find a place for.

While most people probably wouldn't have a shower caddy just lying around, you can pick one up for only a few dollars at most retail stores. That's certainly a bargain for extra shelf space. Thanks Kim!


    ...or ...

    you could reuse your old spice-rack as a shower caddy!

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