The Best Fondue Sets From Budget to Bougie

The Best Fondue Sets From Budget to Bougie
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Given that cheese and chocolate are two of our favourite food groups (yes, you read that correctly, food groups!), it’ll come as no surprise that we’ve been eyeing off a fondue set for a while now. If the only time you’ve heard of fondue before this was when Justin Bieber famously sang, “Chillin by the fire while we eatin’ fondue”, you’re forgiven and in for a real treat. Literally!

In its purest and holiest of forms, a fondue pot is kind of like a little cooking pot that sits atop a direct heat source — either a heating element or an open flame — and is used to melt cheese or chocolate so you can dip delicious things into it, like bread and strawberries. It’s designed to stay warm on its own, so you can use it almost anywhere, in the kitchen, out on the back deck, when camping, you name it.

Now, you can obviously melt cheese and chocolate to make fondue other ways, but a fondue set is the easiest, fuss-free way of making melty goodness without burning the crap out of it and ruining the whole thing. And since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we thought we’d round up the best fondue sets for every budget that’ll arrive on time for the big day.

That, and we’ve got a serious craving for chocolate coated strawberries. YUM!

Fondue Sets You Can Buy in Australia

Swissmar Kindle 7 Piece Chocolate Fondue Set, $29.95

fondue set

If you’re after an affordable, compact fondue set, this one from Swissmar is worth a look. The seven-piece set has a simple yet sturdy design and includes a ceramic 8.5-ounce bowl, a black metal stand with candle holder, four 6-inch stainless steel forks and a tea light candle for a low (romantic?!) heat flame.

You can buy the Swissmar Kindle 7 Piece Chocolate Fondue Set ($29.95) from Amazon here.

Princess Fondue Set Pure Black, $88.68

This luxe fondue set from Princess has a natural bamboo housing and a large fondue pan for up to eight people. The fondue set fits perfectly in any kitchen, thanks to the bamboo and cast iron pot textures. It’s also very safe and easy to use.

You can buy the Princess Fondue Set Pure Black ($88.68) from Amazon here.

Dash Deluxe Stainless Steel Fondue Maker, $118.26

fondue set

The Fash Deluxe Stainless Steel Fondue Maker is a step up from the previous two fondue sets. It’s electric and comes with eight colour-coded fondue forks, as well as a fork rack and foldable cups to hold all your tasty treats.

You can buy the Dash Deluxe Stainless Steel Fondue Maker ($118.26) from Amazon here.

Swissmar ierra Cast Iron Meat Fondue Set was $149, now $126.16

fondue set

If you’re after something a little bigger, this 11-piece set is not only perfect for larger groups but meats as well. The set includes a 1.5L pot with handles, six colour-tipped forks, splatter ring, rechaud, paste/gel fuel burner, and grooved wooden base. The enamelled cast iron pot is also great for heat distribution and retention at low and high temperatures, meaning you can use it for everything from cheese and chocolate to meats and broths.

You can buy the Swissmar ierra Cast Iron Meat Fondue Set (now $126.16) from Amazon here.

Swissmar Copper Fondue Set, $176.80

Swissmar also does this really fancy copper-plated set that’s great for one-pot meals like chilli or meatballs. The set also includes a ceramic insert for cheese and chocolate, a splatter guard, six forks and a burner. For cheese and chocolate fondue, add water in the fondue pot, put the white ceramic bowl in place, and you’re ready to go. Then, simply remove the white ceramic bowl, put the spatter guard in place, and you’re ready for a meat fondue.

You can buy the Swissmar Copper Fondue Set ($176.80) from Amazon here.

Trudeau Alto Fondue Set, $280.47

fondue set

In the mood for savoury meat, rich cheese, or decadent chocolate fondue? This set from Trudeau is easy enough to use for all of the above! Immerse your meat in the fondue pot or use the ceramic double-boiler for perfectly melted cheese or chocolate

You can buy the Trudeau Alto Fondue Set ($280.47) from Amazon here.


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