TikTok Is Melting Over This Pesto Baked Camembert Recipe

TikTok Is Melting Over This Pesto Baked Camembert Recipe

TikTok is home to a lot of weird and wonderful things, particularly when it comes to food. The latest craze to come out of the pesto and baked cheese obsessions on TikTok is pesto baked camembert.

If that sounds like your kind of snack, please read on.

What is TikTok’s baked camembert pesto?

This baked delight comes to us from TikTok user @goodfoodvibes, who is the maker of many delicious treats, but this one is really the next level.

Pastry? Cheese? Pesto? It has it all.


The video has been racking up the numbers on TikTok with over 7 million views at the time of writing.

You can see why. This baked monstrosity looks equal parts delicious and evil. Let’s learn how to make it.

How can you recreate it at home?

Here’s how you can recreate this pesto baked camembert dish at home according to the TikTok video.

You’re going to need a few ingredients to start with including puff pastry, pesto, grated cheese and a slab of camembert.


  1. Start by laying out your pastry on a flat surface (a circular piece works best). Place your wheel of camembert in the centre of the pastry. Then spread some pesto all around it and top with grated cheese.
  2. Next, place a second matching sheet of pastry on top of the first one, covering the cheese and pesto spread. Flatten it and use a fork to seal the edges.
  3. Slice triangles into the circular pastry, all around the wheel of camembert, and then twist them so they look like spindly octopus legs.
  4. Brush everything with a bit of egg wash and then bake in the oven until the pastry is nice and golden.
  5. Then you can slice off the top layer of pastry from the camembert and find a pot of melted gooey cheese inside. The toasted pastry pieces can be torn off and dipped into the pot.

Who needs a fondue bread bowl after that?

If you’d like to try another cheese creation check out TikTok’s recipe for honeycomb pasta.

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