This Cocktail Recipe Takes No Time, but Will Impress Guests Nonetheless

This Cocktail Recipe Takes No Time, but Will Impress Guests Nonetheless

Getting your drink game on point for entertaining can be a tricky time. Cocktails recipes are a lot of fun, but keeping your bar cart stocked can be time-consuming and expensive as hell.

So, if you’re after a hack for how to serve up a simple cocktail with limited time (such as merely hours before New Year’s Eve parties kick off), and basic ingredients, you’ve come to the right place.

Malcolm Gandar, Masterclass Host and Brand Ambassador for Cocktail Porter explained over email that a Summer Spritz is the best way to go – especially over the holidays.

Your simple Summer Spritz cocktail recipe:

What you’ll need:

30 ml gin 15 ml elderflower cordial 15 ml fresh lemon juice 60 ml soda Lemon wedge


1. Mix gin, elderflower cordial and lemon juice in a wine glass filled with ice and stir. 2. Top up the mixture with your soda, and drop in a wedge of lemon. 3. Enjoy your perfect Summer Spritz

Hot tip: Gander suggests you mix and match cordials to create your own unique flavour profile with each batch of spritzes.

If you want to move into more advanced bartender territory, Gander said a stocked bar cart is an important move. But his suggestions for what to keep on hand are a little different to what you might assume.

“As much as having 15 types of gin and whisky is great, when it comes to cocktails modifiers are what you need to have on hand,” he said.

“So having some vermouth (Noily Pratt, Regal Rouge), aperitifs, (Aperol, Sherry) and Liqueurs (Mr Black, St Germaine, Campari) are what I would also stock in my cupboard!”

The one thing you really need, however, is ice.

“With the hot Christmases we are lucky enough to enjoy, it’s absolutely essential to have heaps of ice on hand as all good cocktails need lots of ice,” he shared.

“It’s a common misconception that more ice means a watery cocktail, but actually the more ice the colder your drink stays so the less melt/dilution you get!”

Happy sipping, friends.

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