10 Christmas Gifts That’ll Raise the Heart Rate of the Fitness Lover in Your Life

10 Christmas Gifts That’ll Raise the Heart Rate of the Fitness Lover in Your Life
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As we approach the pointy end of the Christmas period (just 19 days left, folks), it’s safe to say it’s time to get crackin’ on the pressies if you haven’t already. If you’ve still got those last few tricky friends to buy for, why not give a gift that revolve around their passion. Yep, we’re talking about gift ideas for gym lovers.

If they happen to have recently gotten into running during lockdown or are a long-time pilates-goer, you’re in luck because we have put together a list of nifty gifts for the gym lovers in your life.

There’s something in here for anyone you have in mind from beginners to pros.

The best gifts for the gym lovers in your life

RENPHO Deep Tissue Muscle Massager, $159.99

gifts for gym lovers

Your mate doesn’t even have to be a regular gym-goer to love this one. Featuring five different speed levels and five unique massager heads, this mini massage gun can be packed in your gym bag, work bag (or any bag for that matter) for an easy on-the-go massage just about anywhere.

You can buy the RENPHO Deep Tissue Muscle Massager ($159.99) from Amazon here.

Weight-Lifting Gym Belt, $114.99

For those weight-lifting fiends in your life, this highly-rated safety belt is here to stabilise your back and tighten your form when it comes to hitting those post-Christmas fuelled PBs. We promise they’ll thank you later.

You can buy this Weight-Lifting Gym Belt ($114.99) from Amazon here.

Total War Pre-Workout, $64.90

gifts for gym lovers

We all have those days we don’t feel like getting up and hitting a 10km run, but thankfully pre-workout can fix that. Available in eight awesome flavours (including cotton candy, as pictured), this tasty lil’ pre-workout treat claims it’ll increase your gift recipient’s motivation and give them the energy boost they need to get out of bed and up to do some hot laps.

You can buy the Total War Pre-Workout ($64.90) from Amazon here.

Electric Protein Shaker Bottle, $49.99

Trust us when we say this, all your gym-obsessed friends will go crazy for this electric protein shaker. Why? No one likes getting a mouthful of undissolved powder clumps that get left in the bottom of those silly manual shakers. Bonus points if you pair this gift with the pre-workout mix for a stocking stuffer duo.

You can buy the Electric Protein Shaker Bottle ($49.99) from Amazon here.

Everest Gym Bag, $42.48

gifts for gym lovers

If they only recently got into the gym over lockdown, there’s a strong chance they still need the essentials. In which case, a handy gym bag that has a bunch of compartments and room for a drink bottle is a massive go.

You can buy the Everest Gym Bag ($42.48) from Amazon here.

Pilates Bar Kit, $25.98

This easy-to-store pilates resistance band kit is the perfect addition to any home workout set. Just tell your recipient to pop on a guided pilates YouTube video, and they’re all set to ditch those expensive pilates class prices. This pressie is also great for mums or those who work from home and can’t nab a spare chance to run to the gym.

You can buy the Pilates Bar Kit ($25.98) from Amazon here.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones was $449.95, now $339 (save $110.95)

gifts for gym lovers

These wireless headphones are the perfect way to ‘gee yourself up’ before hitting a new PB. They’re also foldable, which means they’ll fit seamlessly in that new gym bag. Their wireless nature also stops any rogue cords from messing up your set. Big ticks all-round.

You can buy the Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones ($339) from Amazon here.

Bench Press and Squat Rack Incline, $179.90

Did lockdown get one of your mates to start digging those home workouts? Well, say goodbye to a gym membership forever because this eight-in-one Bench Press and Squat Rack Incline will help to level up their home gym game, so they can hit their chest, arms and legs days hard.

You can buy the Bench Press and Squat Rack Incline ($179) from eBay here.

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat, $123

gifts for gym lovers

This Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat will be your yoga-loving friend’s perfect companion. Why? They’ll no longer need to bring a separate mat and towel to class because this mat has 3.5mm of natural tree rubber bonded to an ultra-absorbent microfibre towel layer. Its funky pink design is also lush as hell.

You can buy the Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat ($123) from THE ICONIC here.

All Fenix Piper Sports Bra was $68, now $38 (save $30)

You can never go wrong with cute activewear. This one doesn’t even have to be worn in the gym thanks to it’s versatile style – perfect for throwing on for a quick walk or last-minute picnic.

You can buy the All Fenix Piper Sports Bra ($38) from THE ICONIC here.

Well, that’s a wrap on gifts for the gym lovers in your life. Still need more inspiration? We have a bunch of other gift ideas for the guys in your life and for those who love a cheeky gag present.

Happy shopping!

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