11 Gag Christmas Gifts That’ll Spice Up Secret Santa This Year

11 Gag Christmas Gifts That’ll Spice Up Secret Santa This Year
Image: iStock/Firn
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The rules of Secret Santa are usually quite simple. An even number of friends or colleagues gather together, trade names and anonymously choose presents for each other. Some groups like to agree on a set budget while others like to pen a wishlist to give their secret gift-giver a few options to choose between. On the gift exchange day, participants try to guess which person in the group gifted which present.

Some gift-givers know just what to do to impress their Secret Santa while others scratch their heads and wonder how they’re going to find the perfect gift. Secret Santa then becomes a game of strategy as the clueless try to converse with their recipient by asking for hints as subtly as possible. The number one rule? Don’t give yourself away.

But for some of us, we like to take this festive game as an opportunity to cause mischief and spread chaos, because what’s life without a little fun? If you want to stir the pot this Christmas, then look no further because we’ve cherry-picked some very funny secret Santa gifts to surprise your unsuspecting victim.

Grow Your Own Boyfriend ($8.22) or Girlfriend ($36.68)

Secret Santa Gifts Grow Your Own Boyfriend
Image: Forum Novelties

Kate Middleton famously once surprised Prince Harry (pre-Meghan Markle) with his very own grow your own girlfriend gag and now you can too. If you have a single mate in your cohort, then watch their reaction as they unwrap the love of their life. Just place him or her in water and wait two hours then voilà, instant lover.

Shop Grow Your Own Boyfriend here or Grow Your Own Girlfriend here.

Fake Winning Lottery Ticket, $52.66

Secret Santa Gifts Fake lotto ticket
Image: Laughing Smith

This one is pure evil. Pop your fake lotto ticket in their Christmas card and play dumb as they begin scratching away at the numbers and realise they’ve scored the winning ticket. You can even go as far as driving them to their local newsagent for them to be told it’s not a real ticket. Yikes. Their excitement and subsequent disappointment is sure to have you doubling over in laughter.

This prank is made all the more delicious if you regularly gift someone scratchies. Apologies in advance to your not-so-lucky friend.

Shop the Fake Lottery Ticket here.

The Gift of Nothing, $19.53

Secret Santa Gifts Gift of Nothing
Image: Let’s Innovate Life

If you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas this year because your ever-so-humble Secret Santa keeps telling everyone they want nothing then show them you understand the assignment.

Watch their priceless reaction as you gift them The Gift of Nothing and they unwrap nothing but air.

Maybe next time they’ll give you a few hints.

Shop The Gift of Nothing here.

Baby’s First Gambling Kit, $18.10

Secret Santa Gifts Baby's First Gambling Kit
Image: Laila and Lainey

If someone you know has just welcomed a new bundle of joy, why not play on their overprotective parent instincts by getting them this Baby’s First Gambling Kit? Don’t worry, there’s nothing inside the gambling kit – it’s just a box. However, it’s a great opportunity for you to hide your real, child-friendly gift inside.

Shop Baby’s First Gambling Kit here.

12,000 Piece Solid Colour Jigsaw Puzzle Box, $38.85

12,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Image: Prank Pack

Another cheeky gift box ideal for puzzlers. When they unwrap your present, your Secret Santa will likely be overwhelmed by this solid colour jigsaw. At least until they open the box and see the yellow “prank you” tabs and discover your real present was hidden inside.

Shop the 12,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle here.

Mobile Phone Jail, $36.60

Mobile Phone Jail
Image: Sanidika

Know someone who’s addicted to their phone and can’t go longer than five minutes without checking TikTok? Or maybe you’ve got a parent who’s fed up with their teenagers never looking up from their screens. Then check out this ingenious Mobile Phone Jail.

To enact the ultimate prank, we recommend “borrowing” your friend’s phone only to lock it inside this phone jail cell and wrapping it in Christmas paper. Pop it under the tree, give it a buzz and watch their reaction when they realise their precious phone was not only hidden under the tree, but padlocked inside a mini jail cell.

Shop the Mobile Phone Jail here.

Do Not Cross Crime Scene Novelty Toilet Paper, $12.99

Do Not Cross novelty toilet paper
Image: Yellow Octopus

If you’re stuck for Secret Santa gift ideas, send your stinky mate a hint with this Crime Scene Novelty Toilet Paper. Printed with the iconic black and white stripes, it signifies to all potential guests that the bathroom is a hazardous place, so enter at your own risk.

Shop the Crime Scene Novelty Toilet Paper here.

MDI Jesus Soap, $15.99

Secret Santa Gifts
Image: MSI

Wash away their sins by giving them the gift of salvation with this MDI Jesus Soap. Carved in the shape of his holiness, this is the perfect present for your naughtiest mate in need of some religious intervention.

Get your MDI Jesus Soap here.

World’s Largest Gigantic Coffee Mug, $63.31

Image: Allures & Illusions

Coffee drinking is a cult in itself. Anybody that loves coffee loves to let the world know about it. So we can’t say the world’s largest coffee cup would be as much of a prank as it would be pretty a sweet novelty for a caffeine addict. Standing at 9-inches tall and 11-inches wide, this cup of joe is sure to give its recipient a heart attack this Christmas…

Shop the World’s Largest Coffee Cup here. 

Harry Styles Reversible Pillow Cover, $28.44

Harry Styles Pillow Case

With Harry Styles making big leaps this year from starting his own beauty brand to helping some of his fans come out to their parents, the pop star is the king of staying relevant and publicising himself as the nicest guy on the planet.

If you know a Harry Styles lover or recovering One Directioner, then what could be better than presenting them with this reversible Harry Styles pillow cover. All you need to do is buy your Secret Santa a pillow insert and brush down the sequins so it appears like a sleek, silver pillow and you’re all done!

Snag your Harry Styles Reversible Pillow Cover here.

Personalised Face Cushion, $33

Secret Santa Gifts
Image: Prezzybox

There’s just nothing like adding a personalised touch to a Christmas present to really make it special. What could be more personal than printing your face on the side of a cushion to share with your loved ones?

But don’t let your creativity be limited to your own good-looking mug. Why not branch out and create cushion covers of their boss, siblings, mum, dad or even their least favourite celebrity.

Shop a Personalised Face Cushion for your friend here.

See you on the naughty list!

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