Decimate Dust Bunnies With These Vacuum Cleaner Deals

Decimate Dust Bunnies With These Vacuum Cleaner Deals
Image: Bosch
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You know you need a new vacuum when you continually run its head over the same dust bunny, and despite all your effort, that pesky ball of fluff just won’t budge. Lucky for you, there are a few decent deals going for Bosch’ vacuum cleaners. Here’s how you can clean up with one of these deals.

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Bosch GL-30 ProPower Vacuum Cleaner – now $199.95 (down from $299)

Decimate Dust Bunnies With These Vacuum Cleaner Deals

Stick vacuums are great, especially if you’re living somewhere quaint where there’s not a space that needs cleaning, but nothing compares to the full power of a bagged vacuum. The Bosch GL-30 ProPower 2,200 watt motor creates strong suction will leave no section of carpet or floor untouched.

If vacuuming usually kicks your allergies into overdrive, the GL-30 uses an integrated HEPA filter to help purify the vacuum’s exhaust output. You can just pop the filter out and give it a quick wash when you need to as well.

You can currently pick up the Bosch GL-30 ProPower for $199.95, down from $299.

Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 Stick Vacuum – $289.95 (down from $399)

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Image: Bosch

The Bosch Serie 6 is a lightweight, cordless stick vacuum, and it’s currently on sale for $289.95, down from $399.

Using Bosch’s AllFloor Power brush and DigitalSpin brushless motor, the Serie 6 is a decently powerful stick vacuum. It also gives you a few modifiable options, such as being able to remove its neck, turning it into a handheld vacuum.

It also comes with a flexible nozzle, which is handy if you really need to get into those tight crevices, along with a 2-in-1 furniture and upholstery brush to help you clean out the crumbs from in-between your couch cushions.

This Bosch stick vacuum’s 18V battery will give you roughly 30 minutes of cleaning time off. If you already own something from Bosch’s home and garden range, be it a drill or hedge trimmer, this vacuum uses the exact same battery. So if you need a little extra cleaning time, you can exchange the vacuum’s battery with one that’s already recharged.

Being able to save just over 25% off isn’t too bad, either.

You can grab the Bosch Serie 6 Rechargeable vacuum cleaner here.

Bosch Athlet 25.2V Rechargeable Vacuum – now $229.95 (down from $399)

Decimate Dust Bunnies With These Vacuum Cleaner Deals
Image: Bosch

If you’re looking for a vacuum that has a little more power, but still has the portability of a stick cleaner, you can also nab a deal on the Bosch Athlet 25.2V vacuum.

The Bosch Athlet’s AllFloor HighPower brush makes cleaning any surface a breeze. It also uses three, adjustable performance settings, which include a Turbo mode for those really stubborn surfaces. It’s 25.2V Lithium-Ion can run for up to an hour, and comes with a 0.9L capacity dust container.

The Bosch Athlet also comes equipped with SmartSensor technology, which will continuously check the vacuum’s airflow rates to make sure it’s running at an optimal level and will let you know when the filter needs to be cleaned.

The Bosch Athlet 25.2V Rechargeable vacuum is currently on sale for $229.95 (down from $399) here.

Bosch Flexxo Serie 4 Proanimal Vacuum Cleaner – now $289.95 (down from $369)

Decimate Dust Bunnies With These Vacuum Cleaner Deals

Another upright vacuum cleaner, Bosch’s Flexxo Proanimal is a handheld and stick vacuum rolled into one. Amazon has knocked $79.05 off the price tag of this vacuum and is currently offering it for $289.95.

The Flexxo Proanimal is a solid all-rounder vacuum cleaner and comes bundled with a range of accessories for removing pet hair. So if your furry friend is currently in the process of shedding its winter coat, this vacuum will help make short work of those pesky, stray hairs and let you wear black clothing, anxiety-free. It even includes a flexible nozzle joint to help you reach those hard to vacuum locations.

You can grab the Bosch Flexxo Serie 4 Proanimal Vacuum Cleaner here.

Bosch Readyy’y Vacuum Cleaner – now $169.95 (down from $239)

Decimate Dust Bunnies With These Vacuum Cleaner Deals

While it certainly has one of the weird names for a vacuum cleaner, the Bosch Readyy’y is a solid choice. Especially if you’re buying on a budget and want something under $200.

This cordless stick vacuum runs on a 20V rechargeable battery, giving you around 44-minutes of cleaning time, with a flexible head to help you get at those harder to reach places, like under your couch. It also comes with a built-in handheld vacuum that can be easily popped out to help you clean the crumbs from your couch or dining table.

You can grab the Bosch Readyy’y Vacuum Cleaner here.

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