Sex Education Is Getting a Fourth Season: Celebratory Vulva Cupcake, Anyone?

Sex Education Is Getting a Fourth Season: Celebratory Vulva Cupcake, Anyone?
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Sex school is not going anywhere, dear friends. Netflix announced at its TUDUM fan event on September 26 that the students of Moordale Secondary will be back at it for a fourth season after the colossal response season 3 has received. And while it may be early days yet, there are a few details we can share when it comes to Sex Education season 4.

Here’s everything we know about the fourth season of horny high school drama, Sex Education.

What has Netflix announced so far?

Not much.

Literally, Netflix has just dropped a tiny promo video announcing season 4 of Sex Education has been confirmed – in the form of a news bulletin from Moordale.

That’s it so far. But we will take it.

Where did Sex Education season 3 leave us?

Warning: Spoilers for season 3 ahead.

Okay, so season 3 of Sex Education was particularly jam-packed. In its eight episodes, we saw Otis attempt to move past his heartbreak post-Maeve through a relationship with (actually damn lovely) Ruby.

Maeve tried to give things a real go with Isaac, only to end up with Otis back on her mind. These two finally saw sparks fly once again.

Aimee began to process the trauma of her assault. She also put a lot of time and love into embracing the beauty of vulvas.

Eric learnt more about his family in Nigeria and cheated on Adam while away. Adam, on the other hand, really committed to working on himself, his ability to communicate and the things he finds joy in.

Jakob and Jean ran into trust issues as they merged their families before bringing a baby into the fold. And an early delivery date saw the blended family very nearly lose Jean.

Lily battled shame about her love of aliens and kink fantasies surrounding that.

Jackson met and developed feelings for Cal, a gender nonbinary student from school. The pair then had to navigate their needs and boundaries in romance.

And the entire school, lead by captain Viv, leant into their sex-positive reputation and said a communal piss off to headmaster Hope.

Assuming season 4 of Sex Education will pick up shortly after this point, we can guess that certain romances will navigate new territory, some may not work out and many of our favourite characters will continue to focus on their personal growth – hopefully with the help of Otis and Maeve.

The other element at play is that Moordale will be desperate for funding, so we assume that will be a major part of season 4.

When is the release date for Sex Education season 4?

No word on this yet, as the season has just been confirmed, but we will keep you posted on any news in this space.

Sex Education season 4 cast:

Gillian Anderson (who plays Jean) shared a snap of a few cast members, tweeting “I guess we’ll be seeing you for S4”. But there are no major casting surprises here, really.

In the snap, we see Asa Butterfield (Otis), Gillian (Jean), Patricia Allison (Ola), Mikael Persbrandt (Jakob) and Alistair Petrie (Michael Groff). So, we can safely assume they’ll all appear in season 4 of Sex Education.

All your other favourites including Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Aimee Lou Wood, Tanya Reynolds and Mimi Keene are likely to return, too.

Of course, we’ll pop any updates on this in this article as soon as we hear them, however.

Where can I watch earlier seasons?

The series is a much-loved Netflix original and you can watch seasons 1 through 3 on there right now.

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