10 Cheap but Delicious Meals to Try From Reddit

10 Cheap but Delicious Meals to Try From Reddit

High prices for food have become the norm as of late as everyone is gripped in the midst of a cost of living crisis that has seen inflation skyrocket the prices of basic need, like groceries. But we all need to eat so we’ve turned to the hive mind of r/Australia where folks are sharing their favourite cheap meals that are on rotation in their homes right now.

Cheap meal ideas from Reddit

The idea was sparked by a post from r/notanonymousami, who asked what cheap meals people are eating while the current prices of groceries are so high. So, if you, too, are looking for some meal ideas that won’t break the bank, here’s what the Redditors recommend:

  • Tacos, nachos and burritos are always a good go to in our house. Add rice and beans to burritos to fill them out some. Chilli con carne is another regular,” – r/DustyMentone
  • Dal and Rice. Dal aka lentils are a cheap source of protein and if you combine a bunch of different types and eat it with rice, you get a full high protein meal that fills you up quite well. Go to any Asian/Indian grocer near you and you should get cheap rice and dal,” – r/adappergeek
  • Jacket potatoes have made a comeback in my place recently, so good cause you can put leftovers on top or just eat with peas butter and cheese. Plus it’s healthier than pasta,” – r/Lazy_Transportation7
    [While we don’t agree with the pasta slander, jacket potatoes are a good cheap meal option.]
  • Tin spaghetti jaffles, if I’m feeling generous I’ll throw a slice of cheese in there too,” – r/ctachi
  • Spaghetti bolognaise (sic) from scratch with plenty of veg sautéed in with the onions. Actually that’s basically the whole approach. Mince spread thin in some manner with frozen minced veg, minced carrots and celery, tinned beans or lentils,” – r/LizeLies
  • Weet-bix – can’t beat their $6 jumbo box will last a few weeks worth of breakfasts.
  • Fried rice – soy sauce, onion, throw in some cheap veg, 2 eggs and a few slices of bacon. this can make 5 portions for less than $10,” – this cheap meal comes from r/Very-very-sleepy 
  • “A large can of tuna with rice. Add a small can of edamame beans, some cucumber and avo (or chickpeas, kimchi, whatever you want). Drizzle with kewpie mayo and siracha and eat with seaweed snacks. This makes it into my rotation once or twice a week,” – r/eikbee
  • Tuna casserole. Basically spiral pasta, frozen mixed veg, canned tuna, a basic white sauce, topped with cheese baked in the oven. Easily 5-6 servings for about $10 of ingredients,” – r/madeupgrownup
  • Veggie soup. I just throw anything and everything in, usually the end of the week veggies that are on the way out as it’s an easy way to use them up. Couple of cups of chicken stock, some aromatics and into the slow cooker. Blend it with my stick mixer and serve with crusty bread. Will stir some sour cream in on serving. So tasty and filling and healthy,” – r/neathspinlights

Cheap meals are great at all times but if you do happen to be looking to get a little fancier at home, you can also stay tuned to our MasterChef recipe series for some dishes from top home chefs.

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