4 Ways to Get Flybuys Rewards as Quickly as Possible

4 Ways to Get Flybuys Rewards as Quickly as Possible
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We human beings are blessed with the wonderful capability of being able to learn through the experience of others. Things don’t need to happen directly to us for us to learn the lessons from said experiences — it’s what got us out of the trees and into the supermarkets scanning our rewards cards.

When you’re new to something, it can be daunting to learn all the tricks of the trade. Take Flybuys for example, maybe you’ve just signed up and you want to make the most out of your membership — ie: get the most points in the least time. Well, you could try trial and error, which is effective, albeit slow. Or, you can listen to people who have been there, done that, and have the bucketload of points and rewards to prove it.

To help you take your Flybuys game to the next level as soon as possible, we reached out to 27-year-old Andrea from Fitzroy. She’s so handy with her Flybuys that she’s been chosen as one of the Flybuys 50 (think Fortune 500, but for Flybuys members). Andrea’s been in the Flybuys game for a fair while now — her mum signed her up and got her involved when she was a teenager, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Here are some of Andrea’s top tips to help you collect maximum Flybuys points as quickly as possible.

Add bonus offer items to your shopping list

Andrea’s first hot tip? Do your research. Walk into Coles knowing which items are offering up bonus points, and snag those babies up.

“I always look at any products that might offer extra points,” says Andrea. “If I’m buying pasta, instead of buying my usual brand, I will buy the pasta that offers extra points.” 

So forget brand loyalty, kid, there’s no room for sentimentality in the big-Flybuys-leagues.

Do the ‘big shop’ on bonus point days

Andrea loves when there are promotions at Coles, and goes out of her way to only do her big grocery shops at Coles. She also makes sure to do her ‘big shop’ on bonus point days.

She then makes use of her extra points credits on special product offers like “the Coles MasterChef knives and glasses — the products are amazing quality, and it makes it fun to collect the credits. It’s like leaving with a present.”

Broaden your scope

While Flybuys are synonymous with Coles, Andrea recommends using the card as much as possible, even if you have to go out of your way, as she believes the rewards are worth the extra effort.

“I will choose to shop at these places over convenience, just to collect my points,” she says. “I’ll shop at places that offer Flybuys points for other things — Kmart, Liquorland, get fuel at Shell Coles Express — so it’s not just Coles. And don’t forget about Liquorland bonus points!”

No purchase is too small here either. Her trick is to use her Flybuys card with every single shop, “even if it’s only $5.”

Use your mates

Just because your mates don’t have a Flybuys card, doesn’t mean you can’t reap their lost rewards. “This is super cheeky,” says Andrea, “but if you’re shopping with your friends who aren’t Flybuys members, make sure you still scan your card for their shop!”

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