How to Calculate Your ‘Hourly Wage’ When You’re on a Salary

When you’re working full time, you can track your spending and make a budget using percentages of your income to try to get a handle on what you can truly afford. But thinking in terms of monthly or even weekly allotments of money isn’t necessarily the most effective way to…

4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in Stocks

The stock market can be very intimidating to a novice looking for handsome returns. Of course, research is paramount before you dive in, and looking to successful traders for advice is a good place to kick off. There are a plethora of great resources out there for beginners, along with…

5 Ways To Supplement Your Income

5 Ways To Supplement Your Income

Everyone likes to have a little extra cash from time to time, leading many to pick up extra work where they can. Unfortunately, social distancing measures have limited these opportunities, particularly in the hospitality industry.