4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Flybuys Points

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Flybuys Points
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Flybuys is extremely popular on this little island of ours. Australia is home to over 8 million Flybuys cardholders, spread over 6 million households.

Yet for all these users, many aren’t taking full advantage of that little blue card in their wallets. To help change this, we hit up 42-year-old Darian, an expert Flybuys user known as The Mentor. He’s so nifty with his Flybuys that he’s been chosen as one of the Flybuys 50 (think Fortune 500, but for Flybuys members).

Darian’s part of the top 1% of Flybuys members, despite only joining seven years ago. He reckons savviness runs in his DNA — he learned the value of a dollar from his dad, and now he’s teaching his dad the value of a Flybuys point. Circle of life.

Here are some of Darian’s top tips to help you get the most out of your Flybuys membership.

Switch to a Coles credit card

“Everyone deserves to get value for money,” is Darian’s ethos, and he reckons one of the easiest ways to help make sure that’s happening for you is to use a Coles Rewards Mastercard.

Darian says that by switching to a Coles Rewards Mastercard, you can collect up to two Flybuys points for every dollar on eligible spend everywhere Mastercard is accepted up to and including $3,000 in each statement period, then collect 1 point per $1 thereafter. Those two points can become three when you use the card to shop at Coles or other Flybuys partners.

“I start by earning Flybuys points on spend with my Coles Rewards Mastercard, and then get even more points when I use my card with Coles supermarket shopping,” says Darian. “Then I just stack it up with all the amazing insurance products. Home, car, health insurance. And by the time I get home, points are just coming out of my ears.”


Darian believes you don’t have to work hard to profit a lot, and one of his favourite ways to put this ethos into practice is by getting different types of insurance through Coles.

“Insurance products are my top Flybuys hack,” says Darian. “The prices are already super competitive on the Coles range — and then you get points on top; it’s a no brainer.”

Coles offers a variety of insurance options, from car to home to pet insurance. Head to the Coles website for more info.


Joining Flybuys had a massive impact on how Darian viewed his everyday purchases. “It changed how I approach shopping, buying and spending,” he says. “I strive to collect points every day in every aspect of my life – shopping is the starting point, but maximising the benefits through petrol, as well as insurance, and credit cards are where it really adds up.”

So next time you’re on the lookout for a fill-up, head to Coles Express and use your Coles receipt to get fuel discounts or earn Flybuys points. Head to the Coles website to find out more.

Look out for bonus point deals

Five words: always activate bonus points offers. Sounds simple enough, and yet not everyone does it. “Would you walk past $10 lying on the pavement and really not pick it up? Well, not making the most of Flybuys is like walking past a stack of $10 bills,” he says.

The easiest way to stay on top of bonus points offers? “Always use the app, and never miss an email offer.”

If you’re keen to learn some more everyday spending hacks, then head on over to the Flybuys website and see who else made the Flybuys 50. Go on, you know you want to.

Whilst you’re here, it’s also worth stopping by our Coles coupon page to nab up to 15% off your groceries while you’re at it.


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