Will Australia’s Cold Weather Continue Into the Long Weekend?

Will Australia’s Cold Weather Continue Into the Long Weekend?

I’m sure those of you on the East Coast of Australia have noticed but it’s a bit chilly outside.

Large parts of Australia are currently shivering through an icy cold snap that has even brought out snow in some regional areas of the country.

As reported by The Guardian, temperatures in NSW were setting 5 to 10 degrees below average and QLD also felt the chill with temps dropping 10C below average.

Sydney experienced its coldest day in 37 years this week with temperatures barely rising above 10 degrees. 50mm of snow was reported at Perisher in NSW, kicking off the snow season earlier than usual.

The cold snap is due to an Antarctic blast that has been crossing large parts of the country, but will it continue into the long weekend?

The good news is that the worst of the cold seems to be over so we can enjoy some slightly warmer temps over the weekend. Here’s the forecast for all of Australia’s capital cities thanks to BOM.

*Note: QLD and WA do not get a public holiday on Monday.

Queen’s birthday long weekend forecast


Temperature (12/6): 8 – 19°C

Temperature (13/6): 7 – 19°C

Temperature (14/6): 9 – 18°C

Weather: Mostly sunny all weekend with less than a 10% chance of rain.


Temperature (12/6): 9 – 15°C

Temperature (13/6): 9 – 16°C

Temperature (14/6): 8 – 15°C

Weather: High chance of showers on Saturday, partly cloudy for the rest of the weekend.


Temperature (12/6): 8 – 22°C

Temperature (13/6): 9 – 22°C

Temperature (14/6): 9 – 22°C

Weather: Sunny and less than a 10% chance of rain all weekend.


Temperature (12/6): 9 – 19°C

Temperature (13/6): 8 – 19°C

Temperature (14/6): 10 – 19°C

Weather: Cloudy and upwards of a 50% chance of rain over the three days.


Temperature (12/6): 10 – 16°C

Temperature (13/6): 9 – 17°C

Temperature (14/6): 10 – 18°C

Weather: Partly cloudy all weekend, 40% likelihood of rain on Monday.


Temperature (12/6): 12 – 15°C

Temperature (13/6): 11 – 15°C

Temperature (14/6): 9 – 14°C

Weather: High chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday, cloudy on Monday.


Temperature (12/6): 2 – 11°C

Temperature (13/6): -1 – 14°C

Temperature (14/6): 1 – 13°C

Weather: Cloudy, less than 20% chance of rain.


Temperature (12/6): 17 – 31°C

Temperature (13/6): 18 – 31°C

Temperature (14/6): 19 – 31°C

Weather: Sunny and no rain in sight.

Across the country, it looks like things are warming up and the skies are mostly clear. Although I feel for Canberra with that -1°C start on Sunday.

Here’s hoping you can get out and enjoy your three days off!

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