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It's a long weekend, you guys! That means family visits, winter hikes and traffic headaches. Now, in my family we generally we decide to pack up right after Friday breakfast, but because we have two small kids and are fairly disorganised, we inevitably end up leaving at pretty much the worst possible time for long-weekend travel: After lunch on Friday.


Petrol prices are notorious for fluctuating wildly in the lead up to a long weekend. The "official" explanation is tied into the economics of supply and demand - but we all know price gouging plays a part too. (Citation needed.)

Fortunately, it's possible to predict when to avoid the bowser and when to fill up your tank by engaging in a little market research. The math boffins at comparethemarket.com.au have done the hard work for us. Here's a petrol cheat sheet for Australia's major cities this Labour Day weekend.