NSW Is Experiencing a Potential Bomb Cyclone, so Stay Inside

NSW Is Experiencing a Potential Bomb Cyclone, so Stay Inside
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As if NSW didn’t already have enough going on, now there’s an extreme weather event to look out for as well. It’s a good thing we’re all locked down because you won’t want to leave your house during this one.

What experts are calling a “bomb cyclone” could impact NSW and is expected to bring heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and dangerous winds and surf over the next few days.

According to Weatherzone, a bomb cyclone occurs when the centre of a low deepens by at least 24 hectopascals in 24 hours. This can cause a rapid onset of severe weather.

NSW has been enjoying some mild winter weather over the last few days. As 9 News reported, Sydney recently marked 15 consecutive winter days above 20 degrees celsius, which is a record the city hasn’t seen since 1859.

That’s all changing thanks to a strong cold front that moved into the state overnight.

The cold front is expected to deepen into a low and bring windy and rainy weather across the east coast from Tuesday.

The Bureau of Meteorology has already issued multiple warnings for floods and hazardous surf over the last 24 hours for regions across NSW.

It’ll be rainy for the next few days across huge parts of NSW with Metro Sydney expecting between 50-70mm within the 48 hours to the end of Wednesday.

90km/h winds are predicted between Newcastle and Moruya coasts and wave heights may reach five metres for much of the southern and central NSW coastlines.

August 24 (today) is expected to be the coldest day of the week, with temperatures in Sydney reaching a maximum of 14 degrees. The rest of the week will continue the cool streak with nothing higher than 18 degrees in the forecast for Sydney until Sunday.

This cold front has swept north from Victoria, meaning those further south should also expect some cold and rainy weather and it will also likely impact the ACT and southern Queensland as well.

With the state of NSW also in COVID lockdown right now, there’s never been a better time to stay inside.

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