Torrential Rain Is Headed For Eastern Australia This Week

Torrential Rain Is Headed For Eastern Australia This Week
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Look, if we have to experience torrential rainfall at least it’s at a time most of the country is in lockdown. The latest weather forecasts have much of eastern Australia set for a soaking this week, which is even more of a reason not to go outside.

Now, I’m no meteorologist but I am partial to checking the Bureau of Meteorology and it says the rains are coming, so we best all prepare.

Rain on the way for NSW and QLD

As per the BOM, the rains are well and truly coming for NSW and QLD this week.

South-east QLD and northeast NSW, in particular, are in the firing line with the Bureau predicting heavy isolated falls and thunderstorms, especially on Friday and Saturday.

Rainfall is predicted to reach 300mm in some parts of Queensland during the week. Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe even said there would be “more than a month’s worth of rainfall” in areas of the state.

Weatherzone meteorologist Joel Pippard expanded on this, telling Nine News that the areas between Cairns and Townsville will see the worst of it. Meanwhile, in NSW, the regions between Sydney and Hervey Bay can expect isolated showers of 30-50 mm.

For those in these regions, particularly flood-prone areas, please keep an eye on BOM for any severe weather warnings.

Those in the capital cities won’t bear the brunt of this weather but it’s still not a sunny outlook.

Sydney will continue to experience wet weather (and more fog) throughout the rest of the working week with a 40% chance of rain on Wednesday and Saturday.

Brisbane meanwhile can expect rainfall chances upwards of 80% all week with a 100% chance on Friday and Saturday and 20-30mm on the radar.

While the rain is coming for QLD and NSW, let’s not forget our friends in Victoria. Lockdown restrictions may mean Victorians can leave the house again but the colder temperatures may change your mind.

Highs in Melbourne will drop to an average of 12 degrees with lows sitting at just 5 degrees over Saturday and Sunday. That sounds like a weekend in front of the heater if you ask me.

Here’s hoping the rain won’t impact your plans too much in lockdown. You can find a more detailed forecast for your city over on BOM.

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