These Tote Bags Are Functional, Cute and Made For Your Commute

These Tote Bags Are Functional, Cute and Made For Your Commute
Image: Typo / ASOS
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There’s rarely a day where I leave the house without what I call my ‘commuter bag’. I lug almost the exact same tote around every single day. (I say almost because I have two canvas tote bags, a big one and a laptop-sized one).

When we’re not in some stage of lockdown, I’m forever spending time commuting to work, walking to my local haunts and catching up with friends, and because apparently, I must carry all of my belongings with me at all times, I’m forever looking like a packhorse. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘Same, girl, same!’, you understand why finding the perfect commuter bag is so important. 

A good commuter bag should be sturdy, comfortable, cute and of course, washable — I can’t tell you the number of times my lunch has gone belly up in my tote bag. There’s no real method to picking the right one, it’s all up to personal choice, but when you find something utilitarian that does what you need it to do and looks cute, you’re onto a winner. 

If you’re not a fan of bulkier, leather tote bags, might I suggest the humble canvas tote bag. A few of mine are recycled from fashion labels that send out your garments in branded totes, which is great, but if you haven’t landed yourself one of those that you actually like or is the size you need, I’m here to help. 

Ahead, your new personal shopper (me) has curated a selection of cute yet functional tote bags so you can find on that suits your style. Happy commuting, and don’t forget your mask! 

embroiderybypotato Wildflowers Embroidered Tote Bag, $25

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Image: Etsy

Hand-made here in Australia, this meticulously embroidered tote bag is the perfect commuter bag. It’s simple wildflowers design goes with every outfit, making it great for everyday use. It’s W 37.5cm x L 40.5cm big so it fits a laptop and other bigger belongings easily. 

You can buy the embroiderybypotato Wildflowers Embroidered Tote Bag ($25) from Etsy here.

Assembly Label Weekender Bag, $50


Assembly Label once again proves less is more with the navy canvas Weekender Bag. Perfect for those time when you need a bigger bag to pack your life into, this soft canvas fabric bag is H39cm x W40cm x D22cm. It comes in a dark navy hue, has twin handles, a metal zip closure and white Assembly branding stamped across the front. 

You can buy the Assembly Label Weekender Bag ($50) from THE ICONIC here. 

Fiorucci tote bag, $100

Image: ASOS

If you’re after something with all the style and cult status of the 70s and 80s, this tote from Fiorucci is a delicious bite of nostalgia. It’s made from super-soft looped towelling, has twin handles, an open top and the brands logo and orange embroidery on the side. It’s a fun twist on your regular tote and a good size, too. 

You can buy the Fiorucci tote bag ($100) from ASOS here. 

MadeByChrissey Corduroy Bunny Tote Bags, $29.99

Image: Etsy

If you’re a big fan of the corduroy trend, this bag was made for you. It’s made from a high-quality corduroy fabric with an inner cotton layer so you can put your laptop, phone, purse and other essentials safely inside. It also comes in five different colourways so you can pick one that suits your vibe. 

You can buy the MadeByChrissey Corduroy Bunny Tote Bags ($29.99) from Etsy here. 

Typo The Daily Tote Bag was $29.99, now $10 (save $19.99)

Image: Typo

The Typo Daily Tote Bag is here to help you keep your stuff together and get you through your day-to-day. It’s designed with two pockets, a fitted one inside the bag that has a full zip closure so you don’t lose your important belongings, and a large outer pocket for easy access to things like your phone, keys, etc. 

You can buy the Typo The Daily Tote Bag was $29.99, now $10 (save $19.99) from Typo here.

AERE Organic Canvas Oversized Tote, $49

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Coming in three colourways — pink, natural and charcoal — the AERE oversized canvas tote bag is perfect for those occasions where you just need to pack a little extra. Made from organic linen canvas, it has fixed shoulder straps and a pocketed interior for your more important items. It’s W60cm x H47cm x D16cm in size. 

You can buy the AERE Organic Canvas Oversized Tote ($49) from THE ICONIC here.

Typo The Daily Tote Bag, $29.99

tote bag
Image: Typo

This vintage-looking canvas tote bag from Typo fits up to an A3 notebook, has a large outer pocket, full-zip closure, a thick and comfy shoulder strap, and comes in a variety of colours. 

You can buy the Typo The Daily Tote Bag ($29.99) from Typo here.

Levi’s batwing tote bag in ecru, $40

Image: ASOS

This lightly textured canvas bag from Levi’s is made from 100% cotton, has twin handles, an open top and will be your new go-to. It’s large enough to carry all your belongings and stylish enough to go with any outfit. 

You can buy Levi’s batwing tote bag in ecru ($40) from ASOS here. 

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