This Lunch Bag Will Solve Your Leaky Lunchbox Woes for Good

This Lunch Bag Will Solve Your Leaky Lunchbox Woes for Good
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Behold, the lunch bag of dreams. Spill-proof, water-proof, heat-resistant and machine washable, these neoprene lunch tote bags are the best way to cart your homemade lunches to work or school in style. Adults will know how hard it is to find an age-appropriate lunch box that isn’t bedazzled with unicorns or Marvel heroes, so this insulated lunch bag won’t make you embarrassed to whip it out in the office.

Last Christmas, my sister gifted me with this lunch bag tote from Built NY and it has come in handy more times that I’d like to admit. You see, this lunch bag is a lifesaver because it’s made from neoprene. In case you’ve never heard of neoprene before, it’s a rubber-like material that’s resistant to water, oil and heat, making it the perfect insulator for homemade lunches and snacks.

I also happen to be an enthusiastic meal planner, so I like to prep pastas, curries and soups in advance for the week at work. Soups, in particular, have proven to be a difficult winter staple for me to risk taking to the office. Most of the tupperware containers I’ve owned haven’t been 100% leak-proof, much to my dismay.

In the past, when a plastic lunch box has spilt the contents of my lunch all over my bag, I can’t even begin to describe the despair (and sheer annoyance) I’m filled with when I have to scrub stains out. Add in the fact that I have to play Tetris in my backpack to make everything fit, it’s nice to have a malleable lunch box that I can repack in a number of different ways.

The best thing about this neoprene lunch tote is the fact that because it’s a spongy material that absorbs any liquid, you can prevent any unfortunate spills from spreading through the contents of your bag. But my favourite thing is that I can toss my lunch bag into the washing machine to get it cleaned in a jiffy. I know. It’s great.

To point you in the right direction, here are a bunch of stylish neoprene lunch totes to choose from. Keep in mind that most come in varying colours and patterns, so take your time and choose wisely.

The best lunch bags for adults

Built Gourmet Getaway Neoprene Lunch Tote Bag

built lunch bag
Image: Built

I have this blue floral bag, which earns me a lot of compliments whenever I whip it out. But there’s plenty more lunch tote designs to choose from below.

Where to buy

Amazon (from $23.60) | Catch ($15) | eBay ($15) | Kogan ($15)

Vaschy Lunch Tote Bag for adults

Image: Vaschy

If you want more kid-friendly designs, you can check out Vaschy, which has a collection of bright, retro designs and other patterns featuring astronauts and dinosaurs available.

Where to buy

Amazon ($17.89) | eBay ($29.77)

ALLYDREW insulated lunch bag


ALLYDREW has one of the most extensive patterns and styles available, including an Asian-inspired blossom print as well as some funny options featuring a laughing pug and space cats.

Where to buy

Amazon (from $39)

Nordic By Nature Insulated Large Lunch Tote

Image: Nordic By Nature

If you prefer a simple design in a two-tone colour scheme, check out Nordic By Nature, which comes in two sizes and features a zippable pocket on the front.

Where to buy

Amazon (from $48)


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