Here’s What You Get With Uber’s New Subscription Service

Here’s What You Get With Uber’s New Subscription Service
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Australia has become one of the first countries to receive Uber Pass, a new subscription service from the rideshare company.

I know what you’re thinking, another subscription service? It’s true my friends, but if you are a fan of Uber rides or Uber Eats then this is the subscription service for you.

Here’s how it works.

What’s included with Uber Pass?

Uber Pass is designed to save you money on every Uber ride and Uber Eats orders. It will not give you free trips or food, but it will cut a fair bit off your purchase.

For Uber rides, you’re guaranteed at least 10% off your fare. This excludes Pool and Hourly rides but should be handy for any surging prices.

For Uber Eats customers, you’ll get a $0 delivery fee from selected restaurants, as long as you’re making a minimum $20 purchase.

You’ll also get a $0 delivery fee on select grocery and convenience store orders, again assuming you’re making a purchase of at least $20.

Lastly, Uber Pass members will also gain access to a rotating series of exclusive benefits and perks. The first one of these is a $20 grocery voucher for Uber Eats.

How much does it cost?

uber pass
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Uber Pass will cost $14.99 per month and gives you access to all of the great benefits above.

The feature is rolling out to devices each week. If you’re sold on this new service you can sign up for Uber Pass via either the Uber or Uber Eats apps.

On the Uber app: Open the app > select the three vertical dashes on the top left > select Uber Pass.

On the Uber Eats app: Open the app > select account on the bottom right > Scroll down to Uber Pass.

Is it worth it?

So, is Uber Pass worth your money?

It really comes down to how often you travel with Uber or use its food delivery services. If you frequently order Uber Eats for lunch or don’t have a car and rely on Uber rides, then this subscription service is definitely worth considering. You’ll easily surpass the $14.99 subscription charge each month.

If you use Uber less often, maybe it’s not worth signing up for straight away. But pay attention to your Uber-related expenses each month and weigh them up – it might end up saving you more than you think.


  • So I ordered Uber Eats on the weekend. Delivery fee was $1.99 & Service fee was $4.00, for a total of $6.99. This subscription service would give me an approximate discount of $1.99 on any Uber Eats order (as Service fee is not included).

    If I get an Uber once a week from work to home, it cost me about $23. 10% discount is $2.30.

    Ordering a takeaway meal from the pizza joint down the road from home when I ubering home with the munchies after a Friday night at the pub every week, will save me $17.16 per month. I don’t think I’m their target market for this offer.

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