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If there’s a massive downpour or you’re travelling during rush hour, you can usually count on exorbitant surge pricing while using popular ride share apps like Uber. If you don’t know how surge pricing works, here’s the long and short of it: If there’s a high demand for rides, a premium is placed on rides in a particular area in the form of a “surge” fare.


The taxi app giant Uber has again lost its licence in London. Uber has 21 days to appeal after Transport for London (TfL) ended a probationary extension it granted to the company in September, citing a “pattern of failures” around issues such as driver security. But this is nothing compared to the bigger picture when it comes to Uber's troubles.


Way back when you took your driving test and got your licence, someone somewhere gave you a lecture about responsibility. Maybe it was your parents, the driving instructor, or the RMS tester. You were in charge of the car, and therefore it was your responsibility to not crash it.


If you’ve ever called an Uber—and waited longer than you’d like—you probably might feel tempted to cancel the ride altogether. In the end, you might end up paying a small fee for your driver’s time, the probable worst-case scenario. But there are several reasons why Uber’s existing policies, in particular, aren’t so great for drivers when you decide to cancel last-minute.


Uber has been around for a while now. It's a great way to get where you're going and save a few bucks along the way - especially if you're willing to share your ride. Here's what Uber Pool is and how it works.


Uber has updated their Community Guidelines saying that riders that fail to heed warnings and who fall below a minimum average rating will lose access to the Uber app. They say this mirrors similar rules they have for "driver-partners" and will help to ensure both drivers and passengers have the best experience possible.


At least one driver working for Uber has been livestreaming passengers without their consent, according to a recent story in the St Louis Post-Dispatch. Viewers on Twitch have been rating the female passengers, speculating about incomes, and chatting about the marriages and personal lives of unsuspecting users of the ridesharing service.


If you collect a lot of geographic data for research, or if you like poking around census files or other databases full of stats, you have a new tool for visualising that data in a 3D, dynamic map. Uber has released Kepler.gl, an open source mapping software with an easy interface for uploading sorted data.